worth it!

Like many others I was cautious about going to Mexico for surgery but with much research I had to do it, and found nothing but great reviews and info on surgery at Hospital Jueruslam. We met at the airport in San Diego and met up with a large good of ladies with husbands, or friends, that were wait... *

A life saving decision!

Hello , My experience was great at Jerulsalem Hospital, this surgery was a life saver for me. At 397 lbs I had surgery on Feb 18th witch was my 44th birthday and at that weight I knew I was not going to see many more years if I didnt have this surgery, I chose to have the gastric sleeve , I had ... *

Getting my life back

This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself!!! Having it done in TJ, Mexico was great!!! The Doctors and the staff are very nice and highly impressive!!! I also work in the medical field as a medical assitant and lab assistant and the qaulity of care given by the staff and Doctors wa... *

Successful changes in a very short time.

I was never hesitant about traveling out of the country to have surgery, especially after reading and viewing other testimonies. The only discomfort that I encountered was heart burn; had never had it before. It is now August 19th, and that is gone along with 45 pounds. The loss has been easy as... *

My life is back on track

My gastric bypass done in 2000 had stretched out due to the years. My weight was starting to return and my options were slim. It was a bit scary to think I had to go to Mexico to have this done and it be affordable. Sometimes your last chance is your best chance.
The staff was very caring from the ... *

Two and a half months post op....Thanks be to God for such a Blessing.

Two days following my decision to have Gastric Sleeve, national news casts exploited what I thought was the biggest selling point, A CURE FOR TYPE TWO DIABETES. Although, I had already committed to surgery, I now wanted the surgery more than ever, but my nature is to be a skeptic. The news cast pu... *

Exceeded my expectations!

I am in the health care field. I have been a nurse practitioner for 10 years. I have been talking and researching bariatric surgery for a year. I evaluated several places. After speaking with the staff, I was reassured and all my questions were answered. I was prepared for what to expect. Afte... *

should have done it sooner

i have already lost 45 lbs, I haven't been this skinny since high school. I was nervous about having the surgery done in Mexico, but after doing a lot of research decided to go for it. Easily the best decision I have ever made. The crew at Jerusalem were great and my experience was painless (minus s... *

I am totally satisfied with my surgery.

I am totally satisfied with my surgery. The doctor was excellent. He didn't speak English, but there was always a translater available.

I am a nurse anesthetist in the U.S.. The care I received was great, from the hospital to the recovery house.

I felt safe, throughout the whole process.... *

Changed my life......

I have only wonderful things to say about my surgery and my treatment. I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery for several reasons. I had Optic Nerve Edema prior to surgery. This was caused by pressure from my weight on my spinal column, causing optivc nerve edema with secondary headache and blurre... *

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