Do it! You won't regret it!

I had a great experience and have no complaints about my trip to Mexico for surgery with Dr. Almanza. The staff was excellent all the way through. There were times in the beginning where I questioned my decision to have surgery. My bad habit was food. I depended on it. When I was unable to depend on... *


I had my surgery on May 30th. 2012 I was 264 lbs. pre-op 255 day of surgery and I am now 212 lbs. 2 1/2 months later :o) Im losing weight everyday and I wouldnt change a thing about how I did it ,, or where I did it.. or WITH WHOM did it. This was the best thing I ever did for myself ... *

I am my old self again...thank you!!

Fabulous!! That's how you will be treated by everyone you meet at the clinic, from the minute you arrive to the minute you leave. It's the way you will feel when the weight starts to literally fall off and people say how amazing you look. It's what you will think each day, knowing that you feel bet... *

I feel great!!!

On February 7th 2012 I weighed 370 and would break a sweat looking outside and now I am spending all my free time outside and weigh 230 headed to my goal weight of 195. This was the best decision I ever made and would not hesitate to do it again.

It’s the little things that you forget you can’... *

My New Life

I am so grateful I chose to have the surgery. In 4 weeks, I've lost 24 lbs and have dropped 2 clothing sizes. I am excited about my new journey! I feel great. My blood sugar has been low (140) and I no longer take insulin! Having Type 2 Diabetes was my motivation to have the surgery. I have more ene... *

Highly recommended---I'd do it again!

Fantastic results! I went from 232 down to 162 in just 4+ months! That's 70 pounds! My surgery visit was convenient beyond expectations. I was in the operating room within 90 minutes of arrival and walking around 2 hours after that. I went shopping the next day and had almost no post surgical sym... *

Carla's journey

I have always been a bigger girl. So I had heard of bariatric surgery of course. After I left a bad relationship I decided it was time to work on myself and get a healthier life so I would be around when my children grow up. I had a friend whom I value and he told me he was going to Mexico to have t... *

Amazing don't worry

Hi I am from grande prairie Alberta, I went to jh alone and I was scared, but I am so happy I did it! Let the fear melt away with this hospital!
I am going to return for the mommy make over!
It is small but safe and clean! I am doing well and so far lost 25 kg! This is a smart choice I am going ba... *

Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Thin Feels

Hi All,

I had my sleeve on Dec 12, 2011, it has been just 8 short months and I have lost 91 lbs. It's amazing how easy this has been. Now I don't mean every day was easy, but I really have never been in pain, or sick. I dumped 3 times and 2 of those times was from taking pills that would not go dow... *

So Happy & Never Looking Back!

I am going to be completely upfront and honest with you. I decided to have weight loss surgery in mexico because I couldn't get my insurance to cover it in the states. Although I was severely overweight and met the bmi requirements, my doctor said unless I had diabetes or other severe problems I c... *

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