The overall experience surpassed all of my expectations & words cannot express my gratitude for the doctors, staff members & everyone that went thru the experience with me.... *

should have done it years ago

I am so glad that I had the surgery done at your facilities, definitly I well recommend the procesure to people I know to be done only at your facilities, endless attention from all staff, looking forward for the next procesure after losing all the extra weights to do tummy tucks. I will take your... *

the best thing I have ever done for myself.

This has been the best experience I have ever had. I personally would recommend Dr. Almonza to anyone who asked. He is the best in his field. My experience was great. Some of the other girls had a little problem with the gas but for me I had and have not had and pain or problems whatsoever. I follo... *

Thank you


My sister and I had the surgery on Friday. We are happy. We did not know what to except.
We did not have a great great time. We did not go there for a great time. We were in less pain than we thought we thought we would be in. We are very happy to have been able to have the surgery. We hope... *

You are never too old!

If you are thinking of having this surgery and think you might be too old, think again. I had my surgery June 27, 2012 just 5 days before my 63rd birthday. The surgery was a breeze. I had no gas pain, no shoulder pain, no nausea and very little discomfort. It took a while to adjust to the new ea... *

As advertised

Everything went according to plan,mostly in a good way.The pick-up and drop-offs from the airport and clinic were punctual.The staff was overall very friendly,patient and accommodating.Being a physician I especially paid attention to the medical side.I was generally very pleased and found the physic... *

Great Care

My experience was painful however the care I received was fantasic! I had to stay and continued to be montiored due to pain as almost everybody else were reporting feeling better. I wish I could have met Dr Almanza after surgery to review what, if anything happened causing more pain, however I know ... *

Down 115 pounds in 6 months!

I turned 30 the beginning of February and knew it was time to take control of my lifelong weight issues. I was almost 300 pounds. I was going down the same path as other members of my family toward heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and other issues. I have 4 young children, and needed to take be... *

My Transformation

This experience has by far been one of the best things that has happened to me and my wife in our entire lives. From start to finish the experience with Jerusalem hospital has been nothing short of perfect, the excellent attention and care that was given to us by Dr. Almanza, and the Jerusalem staff... *

Compassionate, Repectful and Caring

I can think of 3 words that would describe my treatment at Jerusalem Hospital and that would be Compassionate, Respectful and Caring. I have never seen so many friendly faces and smiles in one place in my life. They immediately made you feel comfortable and I could feel the caring upon my first cons... *

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