Dr. Rosales is a Godsend!!!

I had my Lapband placed in March of 2009 (almost 10 years ago) in the Dallas, TX. It has served its purpose very well and I lost about 80-85 lbs. I started at 220 lbs. and am now steady at 135-140 lbs. Over the past couple of years I've had issues with regurgitation of food during the night. Also, I... *


I was stressing myself a lot to loose these pounds. Now I am relax knowing after the surgery with confidence "I am losing 1 to 2 pounds at least every day" I was 200 lbs by October and after the surgery this past November 26th, today I weighed 180lbs. Oh yes, it feels wonderful. The surgery is a suc... *

Gave me a second chance at life.

I had my sleeve done on 9/3/18. My highest weight was 243, starting weight right before surgery was 239 and I am now at 179 three months after surgery. Honestly the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I had the sleeve done by Dr. Almanza so has my mom and dad. I have never felt so good in... *

I had a wonderful experience can’t wait for my future

My experience was that I was scared thinking twice But I got the Kerge to go once I arrived there it was beautiful hospital wonderful staff's and a good doctor I'm so happy I got this done now I am a week postpa but I got the Kerge to go once I arrive there it was beautiful hospital wonderful staff... *

El milagro para salvar su vida

Despu s de pesar 280 libras y mi doctor poni ndome a dieta baje hasta 240 pero mi diabetes nunca se compuso mi az car en 500 y mas , el dr Galileo Villarreal encontr toda la ayuda que andaba buscando y le dije que mi dr dec a que podr a morir si no hac a algo r pido. Me aconsej la banda gastrica y... *


I had my surgery on 3/18/18 in 6 months I lost 100lbs
now I'm about to hit 9 months and my muscles are showing and I'm loving it.
Loving the new me!... *

Feeling amazing

Best decision i have made as i have lost 30 pounds already had my surgery October 26
Doctor is very professional and both are very nice
Happy for my new life and health ... *


Hi my name is allison I originally had the sleeve done in 2013 at 400 pounds. I lost 160 pounds in the first 1 1/2 years I got pregnant in 2015 and had a baby June 2nd 2016. I only gained 10 pounds being pregnant. I gained 60 pounds back in the next 2 years, it was all my fault, I was eating like... *

Highly recommend this!

Before having my gastric sleeve surgery, I knew a lot of people who had been to Tijuana to have the surgery done, and I was jealous of all of them! Once I made the decision to JUST DO IT, I met another girl who had lost 150 lbs. after having the gastric sleeve. When I asked her how it went, her re... *

Great Experience

I had a really great experience at the hospital. The hospital is cleaner than a lot I have seen in the United States and the nurses are very friendly and attentive. The doctor and surgical team were friendly as well and any questions asked was answered. The beds are pretty comfortable and the rooms ... *

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