Fear Not!

I was skeptical about undergoing the procedure, but I put on a brave face. Throughout my visit, the staff were pleasant and very helpful. My only regret is that I did not practice my Spanish before I arrived so that I could become more fluent even though it was not necessary as all of the staff were... *

Best decision of my life!

Well here goes nothing! Today I am 1 year post op! And what an AMAZING year it has been! I have always been overweight... always! I have tried EVERY diet & pill out there. I developed type 2 diabetes & had high pressure along with other embarrassing issues due to my uncontrolled diabetes. I did not ... *


Hello, since I had surgery I have lost over 80lbs have so much energy. I went from wearing size 24/ 26 to size 12/14 which is getting big on me now. My only reqret is waiting so long.to get surgery.... *

Life change

My reason for having the gastric sleeve was more for health reasons I guess I was blind to the fact that I was really fat LOL!
And my family heart attacks and strokes diabetes runs like crazy I made the decision to have the gastric sleeve when I went to the doctor and the doctor told me that I had h... *

not happy

From Pre-op until now I have lost 35 lbs. That was the purpose of the surgery. I gained a pound from yesterday, but...whatever. Other than knowing that weight is permanently gone, I wouldn't have the surgery, if I could redo things. I am still, just over a month later, so exhausted and weak I am ... *

Dr. Almanza was great

His staff as well they took great care of me better then I received at home in Okla. I'd use him again in a heartbeat! Wish I had done it sooner. So pleased with weightloss agents and Dr. Almanza. Would use again in a heartbeat.... *

Happy patient

I would like to say that Dr mario almanza and the hospital staff was very awesome. Very caring and understanding. They Helped me through this everyday . It has only been since my surgery but I'm very happy I made this decision. Thank you to every one of you.... *


My gastric sleeve was done for my health issues. I became insulin dependent in Dec of 2018. Since my gastric sleeve I am no longer on any diabetic medications. I am almost 4 weeks post op and am down 26 pounds. Best decision I've ever made. Thanks WeightLoss Team!!!... *

Very good experience

I had a very good experience at the hospital. It was my first surgery,so I was very nervous. The first day wasn't the best, but each day that went by,I felt better and better. The staff did their best to keep up with everything and we left the hospital confident in our next steps in our journey.... *

I was treated like a queen

I would like to say that the staff at BAJA Medical was beyond amazing. They were extra attentive to my needs more so than some providers in the U.S. The location was super clean and modern. I had a roommate who was there with her daughter and while I went alone even my roommate's daughter was eager... *

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