A new life

It has been 8 months and I have lost 95 lbs. I have new energy, new ambition, and a new zest for life. I work in health care, and I know that pain and disease make a person very different from who they want to be. (Or think they are). Reality is that you don't know what you are missing by not being ... *

Would do it all over again!!

In have struggled with my weight all my life. A friend of mine and her sister had the surgery with Dr. Almanza. They had nothing but good things to say about him and their experience. It was a scary thing to commit to doing the surgery and also traveling out of the United States to have it done. But... *

Feeling fabulous

HW 2006 - 260 lbs
Pre-Op 01/2019- 223 lbs
SW 02/2019 - 211 lbs
CW 6 month anniversary- 168.2 lbs.

While my weight loss hasn't been crazy fast like some, I've still lost a significant amount and I couldn't have done it without Dr. A's knowledge and this tool that he gave me to reclaim my life.

My j... *

Best decision of my life!

Tomorrow I will be 4 years post op, and this was the best decision of my life! We struggled to get pregnant for 7 years before I had surgery. I was 323lbs and I now weigh 115lbs and have a healthy happy almost 2 year old boy! I will forever be grateful to Dr. Almanza and his staff for helping get on... *

I have to admit that I was a total skeptic...

My wife Setha had her surgery in June of 2018 after seeing the amazing progress I decided to have the surgery in March of 2019. Best decision I ever made (other than marrying my wife of course). The surgery has completely changed our lives, for the better! She started at 320 lbs. and is now at 168. ... *

100lbs gone forever

The doctors and staff where Amazing. I went alone and they took great care of me, it was the best decision I ever made ... *

Best Decision Ever

Never looking back and would choose this surgery every time!... *


Thanks to Dr. Almanza my life has changed for the best. I have lost 140 lbs since surgery Oct 16th 2018. I am beginning to love myself all over again. I am also enjoying my new life style and life change. This isn't easy and I have had lots of emotions thru out this whole process.I am glad that I st... *

Down 70 lbs

This is my 2nd testimonial. I am still doing great. My energy is up, my activity is great. The heat isn't unbearable anymore. I work outside on my yard now. Hang out with my grandchildren outside and in the pool. There have been no complications and I still have all my hair!!! I'm down from a size 2... *

Sure Weight loss

I got sleeved a month ago. Before the process began, i weighed 242lbs. This weight came with back pain, knee pain and waist pain. Now one month after,and after a loss of just 26lbs,the pains are gone.
I see a gradual weight loss. I expect to lose another 26 to 30lbs. My clothes fit better and I'm ev... *

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