Scared, but worth it!

I have had about 10 years of up and down with diets - some worked - some did not. I just gave up-then I decided to take control of my life starting with my weight. It does jump start you into realizing you can be a better you. You really do have to change your eating style and that will be the ha... *

Great Experience

My biggest concern was since this Doctor was one of the lower in cost that the service was going to be limited as well. I was wrong. From the time I was picked up from the airport, to the time I was dropped off. The professional staff was awesome. I checked in a private hospital with hotel rooms in ... *

worked well for me

9 years & progressing more every year...130pd jogging & yoga everyday. ... *

Happy happy happy

I am extremely happy I decided to get the gastic sleeve surgery. My only frustration with the surgery is that I did not do it sooner. Thank you Dr. Almanza

PS there are still some issues with the attached hotel. It took 15 ish minutes to get hot water in the showers, and the room were extremely... *


Before my surgery I was very insecure people made fun of me a lot.. now my stomach is flat I'm happy! The recovery house was great food was wonderful!!! & staff was awesome. & not to forget Carla was the best!... *

Doing good

I'm 40 days out and have lost 48 pds ... *

Feeling good

Haha one and hoping for change and weight loss and it has turned out really great I've lost 48 pounds in 36 days so far not bad!!... *

Remain happy!!!!!!

I am 3 years lost up from my gastric sleeve and remain very satisfied with my weight loss. I have kept off my weight by keeping to my diet and am able to occasionally have a treat. I was 202 and am now 143. Was a size 18 and now size 8.... *

Enjoying The Journey

I can't thank Weightlossagents enough. Dr Galileo Villarreal, his nurse Karen and others made my experience a positive one. It's a joy watching the pounds fall off. ... *

Thank you! Gracias!

The idea of crossing to Mexico was the main challenge due to the media induced fears. Everything was normal, safe and easy.
In the hospital, an organized, professional and caring medical team took care of me. Labs, surgery, post op care, nutrition counseling... everything on time, clean, nice... pr... *

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