I lost 19 kg in a month and a half. I feel great, completely got rid of diabetes, hypertension and very high cholesterol. I highly recommend this procedure to everyone suffering from excess weight and related diseases. She came to the operation with a weight of 100 kg (225 lb). Thanks to everyone wh... *

Best decision ever made!

While I haven't experienced weight loss yet because I'm only 3 days post op, I wanted to tell about my experience. First and foremost Dr Almanza is incredible. He spoke with us before surgery to tell us what to expect. The next day after surgery he visited with me and showed me video of my procedur... *

Best Decision Ever!!

It has been 3 months since I had the gastric sleeve done with Dr. Almanza and I have lost just over 60 lbs. The experience with Dr. Almanza and the entire staff was amazing from start to finish I was nervous and alone and everyone made me feel at ease the entire time. The procedure itself was so qui... *

Long over do

I've lost 164 lbs total
Sw 278
EW 114
(I'm on the right)... *

Dr. Mario almanzar

Everything went well. I just think everyone should be on the same page. I thought my hotel was booked for my guest though this agency and it wasnt. I had to go ahead go out and book it. I had to get up for my bed and to ask for medicine. I had to keep track of it & ask for it. Any type of jello or w... *

I can say it was successful

I can tell you I really have no idea what to write. I'm 3 weeks post op and I am down alittle over 20 lbs from surgery.
Starting weight 281
Surgery weight. 271
Current weight 249
My experience was when I got to the hospital a day early there was an opening and I took it. I didnt really like the... *

Thank You!

I can't believe the results so far I'm feeling great and have already dropped 30 lbs. Thank you so so much! ... *

My Personal Experience

The experience was definitely different. After pre-op, I literally walked into the operating room and got onto the operating table myself.

The biggest issue that I had was the language barrier. There are not enough English speaking people on staff. Ask a question, they hand you their phone so it c... *

Great Experience

I was very nervous about having Surgery in Mexico. I am an RN in Surgery in the US and Immediately noticed equipment and pre-op procedural differences that gave me anxiety. The facility was very clean with beautiful white floors, clear of clutter. It was scary having the communication barrier. Many ... *

Rapid weight loss

I had the Gastric sleeve and Gall bladder removal on the 30th of April. The staff was amazing and i was well taken care of. Since my procedure i have lost a total of 22 pounds in 1 month and 2 weeks. I will continue my weight loss journey.... *

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