The Best Decision I’ve Made in Life

Skeptical was an understatement about my decision to go to Tiajuana to have my procedure done! I was horrified! But I was fed up with all the weight loss remedies and diet plans and also taking diet pills! I read up on the facilities and the surgeons and the staff! Everyone there were so proactive! ... *


4 months post out Down 46 pounds From 265 To 219 After my Mother suddenly death on April 10th 2022 10 days after my surgery I will continue to put my trust in God through this life changing joiner Thanks to Dr. Mario Almanza and his whole entire staff May God Bless you all ... *

Changed my life

It's been two weeks since my surgery and I'm doing amazing. I'm down 36lbs and would recommend the gastric sleeve to anyone wanting to lose weight and start a better life. Best medical care I've ever had. ... *

6 months later

Six months and two weeks from procedure day and I have lost and kept off 53 pounds. The first few months the weight fell off and my eating was focused on protein. The last couple of months the weight has plateaued at losing 1-2 pounds a month and have introduced other foods with my proteins. At t... *

Best decision of my life!

Had my surgery with Dr. Hanna in Las Vegas on 4/28/22 I went into surgery at 272 LBS. I have lost 50 LBS in 3 months. Best decision of my life, I feel great, lots of energies, I workout 5 times a week, an hour of cardio at the elliptical machine, situps, weights, have not experienced any lose skin s... *

Feeling fantastic

Omg I don't even know where to begin. Hello Hello my name is Laci Europa and I went to Mexico to have weight loss surgery. My starting weight on day of appointment was "245" my weight on day of surgery was "236"and today as of right now I am weighing in at 192 ....I have had problems with my weig... *

Live changer

My weight was 319 before I had my gastric sleeve.On 4/28/2021.A year later I'm 212.I've lost over 100 pounds and I feel great I can't thank my Doctor enough.... *

Muy buena

Al principio estaba con miedo despues que llegue a el hospital se me fue buena atencion y buen servicio de las enfermeras, llegue me realizaron los analisis y al otro dia a las 6am la charla del doctor, de una vez comenzo a operar me dejaron esperando como dos horas para que llegara mi turno me baja... *

Si happy

Si happy to have made the dicision to get a gastric sleeve thanks to weight loss for the help. Great exp dete ve love my results thank you weight loss agency for the guide and help ... *

Taking my life back

I became a widow at 51 with two teenage daughters that didn't need to loose their Mom also. Two really bad bone on bone knees, orthopedic doctor would not perform knee replacement surgery till I lost at least a 100 lbs. A kind and gracious friend called out of the blue and said she wanted to do some... *

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