Life improvement

I just returned from getting a gastric sleeve in mexico. I was apprehensive initially, but the process pre, during and post was phenomenal. Language was not a barrier and the site was more like a spa as opposed to a hospital. Very glad to have had a great experience. I met some cool people who j... *

My goal was reached... everything else is a bonus!!!

I'm off my blood pressure meds that I had been on for over 16 years... excited about that!!!! The weight loss is a great bonus to that. I'm down 74 pounds currently and happy as hell I made this decision! Thank you guys!!!... *


I would do it over and over again! I have never been happier in my life then now! The place was wonderful and clean! Great staff and service, love, love, love this place! Thank you for my life back! ... *

Wonderful experience

Dr. Rosales and his staff are exceptionally experienced and friendly. I had a lapband to sleeve revision on 5.13.2019 in Piedras Negras and an recovering very well. I traveled home on 5.18.19 as I choose to stay a couple of extra days in Eagle Pass, Tx.
Jessica, our assigned staff member for our st... *


Surgery was awesome.. The staff is amazing and very respectful.. Thank you for making my experience wonderful I cant wait to see where my journey leads too..... *


I have lost 54 pounds in the first four months and have met the first two goals. I have gone from size 14 liking 2" fastening to wearing a size 8 and some 6. Thank you Dr. Almanza for doing a great job.... *

Extemely Happy

I was extremely impressed with Dr. Villarreal and his entire staff. The Dr. And all the nurses were very attentive and very kind. Dr. Villarreal checked on my well being 3 times reach day that I was in the hospital. The hospital was VERY clean and I would highly recommend Dr. Villarreal to anyone wa... *

My weight loss journey !

I must admit, I was nervous and hesitant about traveling to Mexico for surgery, but everything went better than I could have expected. From the time I arrived until check out, I received excellent care. Every nurse, aide, and physician I came in contact with was not only kind, but knowledgeable and... *

Best Decision of my LIFE

I am 5 weeks out of surgery and down 35 lbs. But let's talk about the experience, because that's what you're all wondering about anyway First: at this time, I know that there is currently a hospital being built that Dr. A will work out of, but at the time of my surgery we were in the ObesityGoodby... *

Over 500lbs Down To 205 BABY!

I had the Gastric sleeve. The surgeon who performed the surgery was Dr Mario Almanza. And I may be one of his biggest patients that he's ever had to perform the gastric sleeve on, because I was over 500lbs. Today, I'm 205 BABY!!! I wish I could thank him in person. Thank you Doctor Almanza! ... *

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