Dr Almanza

Me gustar a expresar mi m s profunda gratitud al equipo m dico que me acompaƱ durante mi cirug a en el Hospital Baja. Desafortunadamente, no puedo recordar los nombres de todos los profesionales que estuvieron involucrados en mi atenci n, pero quisiera agradecerles a todos ellos por el excelente t... *

My change

Undergoing the surgery was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have lost 103 pounds in the past year. My life has changed ever since. I highly recommen to get the surgery done at this place. It was totally a great experience for me and my family. ... *

A chance to enjoy life again

It has given me better opportunities to be out and enjoy all the physical activities with my four boys again.... *


I've always been big my entire life. I never let my weight keep me from having fun, even if I did miss out on a lot of things. I have always been with my kids and enjoyed their moments I just often could not participate with them such as theme parks. I was always holding the bookbags and drinks wh... *

1 year out

I waited a full year to see how things would go before sharing my thoughts post-op 1 year. 3/10/22-3/10/23
1- This was the BEST decision I have made for myself.
2- This was the HARDEST thing I've ever done.
3- I miss water, I used to drink 150+ ounces of water everyday and I loved it. Now I'm luck... *

Healthier and happier

The doctor and staff were absolutely wonderful. My journey has not been easy but very much worth it. I have no regrets, I am healthier and happier. At almost 1 year post op I am down 100 lbs and only 19 more to go to hit my goal weight.... *

Finally feel like me again!

I have always been a pretty healthy person but found that as I got older getting weight off and keeping it off became an all consuming fight. I can't say enough about my experience with Dr. Almanza and the group at the Baja Hospital. I am down almost 60lbs after 3 months and am feeling amazing. I... *

An amazing change

I went from 278 to 145 in 10 months I feel amazing and I thank you for it all Dr. Mario Almanza.... *

Lo mejor que echo por mi

Sin duda alguna, realizarme la cirug a de Manga Gastrica me est cambiando para bien mi vida, estoy feliz y muy agradecida con El Doctor Mario & todo el staff son los mejores, los recomiendo, y mi proceso ha sido muy bueno ... *

Best Thing Ever

This was the greatest experience ever! I loved Baja Hospital and all the nurses and of course my dr, Dr Mario Almanza. Everything went perfectly, the surgery went great! The nurses check on you often. It was amazing truly! I am currently about to be 6 months PO and I am feeling so great. I was 205l... *

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