Tummy Tuck VS. Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • We get asked by a lot of prospective patients for information about the Tummy Tuck surgery, and after listening and understanding the needs of the patients, we soon realize together that a weight loss surgery would be more appropriate than a cosmetic surgery. The Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery will also stop you from ever dealing with yo-yo dieting - a common reason that people want to turn to getting a Tummy Tuck in the first place. Getting a Tummy Tuck does not replace dieting, but the Gastric Sleeve will. Here's some more info to help you understand.
  • Cosmetic surgery is usually designed to be finishing touches to sculpt your body after a major life event such as losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time. After having a baby, you still might need to lose fat that has been accumulating in your body. A Tummy Tuck should not be considered when its actually fat that you are trying to get rid of (visceral fat for example). Visceral fat may be a new term for you, but it's also known as abdominal fat, and is more casually referred to as belly fat. Visceral fat is found between the organs and a Tummy Tuck will not fix it. It's the most stubborn fat and might be the reason why you cannot lose that last 15 pounds. Not to scare you, but if this is not addressed, this is linked to Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X, and other obesity related diseases. Surgeons will typically decline patients for approval for a Tummy Tuck when its actually fat that needs to be lost. A Tummy Tuck shouldn't be used to solve all the reasons why people think they need a Tummy Tuck in the first place.
  • Once the fat is lost for good, if a cosmetic surgery is needed, you can deal with that then. Some patients will have loose skin that will need to be removed, and at that time, it might not be a literal Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) which will be needed. There's other technical procedures such as the Circular Tummy Tuck, Extended Tummy Tuck, Panniculectomy, Circular Panniculectomy, Liposculpture, Bra Roll Excision, Back Lift, Thigh Lift, Extended Inner Thigh Lift, and the list goes on and on. Trust that your surgeon knows what procedure would be best for your body. It's not always a Tummy Tuck, although that's the most familiar term that we hear people use when they're describing that they have an issue with their mid-section that they wish to address.
  • Getting a Tummy Tuck should be a well thought out decision, one that should be made well after other important decisions are made - such as the decision to go with a weight loss surgery (such as the Gastric Sleeve) to reduce your fat levels, lowering your BMI to a healthy range. Please don't get a Tummy Tuck when its a weight loss surgery that you should consider instead. More and more people are realizing what they need is a permanent solution to roller coaster dieting, dealing with persistent hunger and cravings for food. The sleeve is also thought of as a great insurance policy for your body to try and remain as healthy as possible, as you continue to age. You are only getting older, after all. Also, the sleeve is not a one-size-fits-all solution to losing weight. Your surgeon will work with you to do the stomach modification that's best suited for your needs. In the cases where both procedures will be needed by the patient, getting the Gastric Sleeve first will also help insure that you do not blow out your beautiful Tummy Tuck by regaining more weight in the future.
  • In addition to the benefits, there are risks associated with this procedure. To learn more about the risks, please click here. Outcomes are not guaranteed and testimonials come with a disclaimer.

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