Best decision

The best decision ever made, I was 175 before the surgery & in 1 month I lost 20 pounds. The clinic is super clean & the staff lovely, the procedure those not hurt just a lil bit uncomfortable.... *

Thank you Dr. A

I was sleeved on 2/28/19 and I'm down 17.1 pounds in 17 day! Dr. Almanza and his staff were wonderful! From airport pickup to airport drop off my experience was nothing but incredible. The hospital was clean and beautiful and the nursing staff was professional and attentive. I'm a registered nurse, ... *

Best Decision Ever

I had noticed over the last couple of years that I started having issues with water retention and other issues with my stomach. After I had my second child, it seemed no mater what I did, I could not get the weight off and keep it off. I looked into doing surgery with Dr. Almanza and decided to take... *

Say yes to YOU

Hi Y'all
You may be thinking this over and wondering if it's worth it or can you afford it. You can't afford not to do this !!! Blood pressure, diabetes, knee surgery, riding in a plane !!! So many health reasons to do this but more than that .... you get your life back, you get a tool that you can... *

Surgery’s in Mexico

I've had several surgeries in Mexico by Dr. Almanzo. I had the sleeve done and I lost 40 pounds then I had mommy makeover. I've been in three years regained the weight by eating the wrong foods and not sticking to the diet plan. I recently went back to Tijuana and had the bypass done. I was severe... *

Best thing I could have done for my health

3 months after I'm down to 280 from almost 400lbs. Feel great and love going to exercise everyday. Dr Almanza help me in so many ways physically and mentally ... ... *

I feel great

I had my surgery in November of 2018 at Grandview hospital.. The facility is very beautiful and the staff keeps it immaculate!!! I was in a lot of pain for the first couple of days but that was to be expected... The staff was professional and right there when I needed them...The doctors came in and ... *

Muy viel todo súper feliz

Perfect todo grancias al dios los recomiendo 100/100... *

Best decision of my life!

I have struggled with portion control my entire life. Literally, I remember being a small child struggling with the impulsiveness of over eating. I had a lapband, but a very large number of those end in complications. Unfortunately, mine was one of those. As I watched the scale climb higher and high... *

One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Having this surgery was the best decision ever. I had struggled for years with my weight going up and down. The surgery and experience was better than expected. The staff and doctor were very friendly. The hotel staff and nurses were very helpful and nice. The only two bad things were trying to... *

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