2nd chance

During the quarantine I have picked up 30 pounds. My business was shut down and I found myself slipping back in to old habits trying to occupy my time. I quickly noticed the change and needed to take control. I am 11 weeks out from revision from sleeve to bypass surgery and I am down 31lbs. I fee... *

Question about Gastric Sleeve

This is experience is the best decision I have made in my life . Go on my YouTube channel for further details ... *

My Success

I had surgery on 10/13/20 I am already down 38 pounds and my start weight was 350. My experience with Dr. Almanza was great! Everyone at the hospital was extremely nice and very helpful. The Dr. Came to my room and checked on me both mornings I was there and we had small talk in the hallways after s... *

I have my life back!

Best thing I have ever done! NO more blood pressure meds or Cholesterol. I have a ton more energy and just overall feel great!
... *

Highly recommend

I am a little over 2 weeks post op from my gastric sleeve and have lost 25 pounds. My overall experience was good. I had very nice nurses and was cared for very well. The only down side to my experience was I was placed in a room that was made for only one patient, so there was only one call light b... *

Changed my life

The best thing I've could've ever gotten done!! 90 days in I'm down 50lbs!! ... *

My Change of Life

Hola, yo tuve una cirugia de Manga Gastrica con el Dr. Mario Almanza... el dia 9 de Julio del 2020... mi experiencia fue muy buena desde el momento que pasaron por mi al Aeropuerto sent mucha seguridad... luego nos llevaron a realizarnos una tomograf a de pulmon para descartar el Covid 19... lo cua... *

Life Changing

I was 199 pounds when I decide to do the surgery I also had a liver problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, And depression.
I was miserable so I decided to Give the sleeve a change, my life Change a 100%, not only reversed my diabetes I am only prediabetic now, it also better my health altogether, ... *


I would like to thank Dr.Almanza and his team for helping me improve my life .At 28 I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without being winded ,I had major health problems with my high blood pressure and I was completely not confident with my appearance .Having this surgery has changed my life I... *

Thanks to All Baja Hospital Surgery Team

HW 297,SW284,CW242,GW150
Surgery date was 8.7.20. I feel amazing and light as a feather. I am happier and healthier. My only regret is I didn't do it sooner. Even in the midst of Covid-19, the nurses were really top-notch and hardworking. They made me feel so comfortable. I was soc scared to be put... *

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