Best thing I ever did

I had surgery on March 11, 2019 with Dr. Almanza. My HW was 275 my current weight as of this a.m. was 181lbs. So I'm down 94 lbs in 11 months. Not to mention my type 2 diabetes is almost completely gone. I was on 4 shots a day and 4 pills a day now I'm only on one shot per day. I recently signed up ... *

Do it!

I was so nervous trying to decide if this is even the right thing for me to do and even more so in another country but I'm glad I followed through with my decision to have the procedure done. The entire process was smooth from the time I got there up until I left. Everyone was so nice. If your conte... *

3 month mark

I have lost 70 lbs to date. I am a candidate for knee replacement surgery but losing 70 lbs takes 4 lbs of pressure for each pound I lose off of my knee...280lbs of pressure has been taken off my knee. It's like night and day, before I wasn't able to do the simplest things like walking..best decisi... *

Life Saving Surgery

From being picked up at the airport to being on the surgery table, the doctor and staff have been extremely friendly and courteous. I have been considering this surgery for two years and finally decided it was time. It was very painful but the outcome is said to be worth its weight in Gold. Thank... *

Do it for life

I dont care what younsee on internet. This Doctor saves lives. I went from almost 300lbs to 190. Life is great. No wonderful. The time is now. If you need call me 903.718.1624. Thomas Carroll. Do it. ... *

Best I've felt in years!

I wish I had done this years ago. Dr. MARIO and his team were great. The doctors and nurses took great care of me and were very caring. I felt safe at the facility which also included hotel rooms for my companion to stay in the same building.
I have lost 72 lbs since July and plan on losing another... *

One year later

Had surgery a little over a year ago and 140lbs down and also welcomed new baby . I gained no weight in the pregnancy. Had a healthy baby boy. Loving the clothes I can fit into .... *

A new life.

Dr Almanza and his staff were great people, they took great care of me while I was there. I never had any concerns while I was in their care. I would do it again without thinking twice. I will recommend this facility to everyone. Thanks to all that helped me get my life back.... *

My surgery

I am very pleased with my surgery and the out come.
Since I have had the surgery I have lost 60+ pounds and have come off most of my meds including blood pressure medication.
The doctor was amazing and the staff/nurses made you feel very comfortable. If you needed anything they were right there to ... *

Getting my results

I had my gastric sleeve surgery 8 months ago. I have lost 45 pounds and feel fabulous. I wasn't sure about the life change initially and I hoped I hadn't made a mistake. It took a while to learn my new body and to learn to eat sensible. Once I became accustomed to eating good food and portion contro... *

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