Worried at First, but Wonderful Experience

When first a "plain white van" took us to Mexico and into an alley where they honked to open a gate, I was a bit frightened. I thought how easily we could have been traffiked. (Luckily, Tony (the driver) had a shirt on with the hospital name or we wouldn't have went with him.) ALL of those insecur... *

Chaneged My Life

I had been on yoyo weight loss and gain all my life. I made this decision to take my life back and with the help of DR. Almanza I succeeded. His staff was awesome! Took care of all my needs and made me feel relaxed. The facilities are very well maintained and clean.

It's been almost a month si... *

Tall and thriving!

At almost 500 pounds I knew I had to do something drastic to change my life. I decided after a lot of research and asking around to seek help from weightloss agents. From the very first phone conversation I knew my life was going to change. I decided to get the gastric sleeve and since then I have l... *

How life can change in short 3 months

3 Months ago, I started my journey to a better quality of life. Little did I know it was going to change the very core of my being and all aspects of my life.
I started looking for something to help me get better from a very debilitating back problem that was basically making me chair bound most of ... *

Pre and post pregnancy

Thank you so much Dr Almanza! Before I had my daughter I was a very healthy and happy 160lbs. 4 years after having my daughter I was up to 230lbs. 1 month post OP and I am down to 200lbs and couldn't be happier.... *

Journey to a New Me

I met a lady who had a sleeve in Mexico and I was so amazed at her transition. I tried every diet with no results. So my husband and I together decided this was my only hope to lose weight. On 2.25.19, at 299.6 lbs, in Tijuana, Mexico at Grand View Hospital, I had a gastric sleeve done. No pain, jus... *

My life was changed 100%

I was extremely nervous about going out of the country to have this procedure done. However I had a couple friends who had gone to Dr. Almanza previously and had great experiences and results. So I decided to take my life back and have the procedure done. My weight had reached an all time high and I... *

Feal great

I am very happy with my result have no complaints the doctor is amazing and all the staff in the hospital I will recommend any one to go and get it done thank you dr Mario Almanza I am very happy... *

What a difference a year makes!

I have been struggling with weight loss for the last decade. I had gained a lot of weight and in 2008 I was 256 pounds. I was diagnosed with diabetes and was told I had to loose weight. I had tried several different diets and exercise and no matter what I did I could not loose and keep the weight... *


I was scared at first but after I arrived everything was amazing...Dr. Almanza is a awesome surgeon and does amazing work...I had no complications at all..Thanks Dr.Almanza your the best ... *

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