Feeling Great!!

Today marks a month after my surgery. It was a great experience! The hospital was clean, everyone was kind and attentive. I've had no problems since the surgery. Just learning to live with my new body. I've lost 18 pounds, I thought more would have came off by now but I know it will in time!... *

Great experience

The service requested remained the same and everything was pretty smooth. ... *

Satisfied with this experience

I am so excited that I took the step to do the surgery in this specific location and with Dr Almanza. The doctor has a great reputation and did an awesome job. The clinic is extremely clean and looks so beautiful. The staff OMG where do I begin they were amazing and made us feel at home. The nurses ... *

A new life

I started this weighing almost 295lbs and am now weighing 180 I suffered from sever sleep apnea, fatty liver, pre diabetes, high cholesterol and just bad mood swings. This has been the best decision I've ever made. My only request is not doing it sooner. ... *

Life Changing

This is an amazing journey and start to a new and better life.
Dr. Almanza is fantastic! You can't find another awesome doctor!! He and staff were so helpful and supportive. So thankful for him and staff that educated me and even following up with me. Thank you Dr. Almanza!!!!! 1 week post op now ... *

Great experience

I recently had the gastric sleeve done (02/27/2024) and I was a little concerned as I am 64 years old and have a lot of health problems. I should not have worried because it was a great experience. We arrived in San Diego, CA and were met at the airport and taken to the hospital in Mexico. We were ... *

Best Decision Ever!

I have a new lease on life. At 7 months post op I am down 91 pounds and feeling my best. I am jogging near daily, making healthy choices and feeling more like myself. More confidence and a better mood too! I have zero regrets about my decision to get a gastric sleeve from Dr. Almanza and his team. I... *


I have no words to thank, I can only say that they are truly excellent, from the reception, the Dr. and each of the nurses, especially the Nurse Alessandra, to the cleaning ones, extremely attentive, helpful, the installation from the entrance all too clean. I recommend them 1000%. The surgery very ... *


This is my second treatment with the wonderful doctor and I love how he has impacted my life. I once was a woman who was happy being in the background, not wanting to be seen. After 3 yrs of successful weight loss, I continue to improve my confidence, appearance and health this what Dr. Mario has d... *

A New Me

Getting a gastric sleeve by Dr Mario Almanza , is one of the best decisions I could've ever done ! In just 6 months I've lost 115lbs & still losing weight . It was very difficult at first , but super worth it . I totally recommend him as your weightloss surgeon ... *

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