Life Changing!!

I have only just begun this journey. After fighting with the yo-yo and using diet pills (which made me reclusive and had some other adverse side effects which I will not get into) and after realizing that without these pills I could not control my food consumption I knew I needed something more. I... *

Saved my life!

I went to Mexico to Dr. Almanza for Gastric Sleeve surgery. I am convinced that had i not had this surgery I would not have lived much longer. This surgery has saved my life. I am 61 years old, weighed 339 before surgery and in 6 months I am down 108 lbs. I LOVE my tool. If you are even thinkin... *


Life-changing- This was such a wonderful experience from the time I got off the plane from the time that I had my surgery and even after the surgery the recovery went so smoothly I feel amazing I look amazing not only that I m healthy and I just feel like 100% and I have not felt like that in a long... *


First off I want to thank my amazing Doctor!!! Dr.Almanza was informative, kind, and gentle, the staff was unbelievable Natalie was an amazing nurse, Sebastian was outstanding.
From start to finish, I believe it went extremely well from the moderate gas pains, walking the halls with new friends, and... *

The Greatest experience of my life

I am so incredibly happy with my experience. The facility was great. I am now 6 months out and over 60 lbs gone. I would do this experience over again and would recommend it to anyone. He has changed my life. Im no longer on any mood medications, anxiety is managed by excercising and I'm not longer ... *

Worth it

If I didn't get surgery I was heading for a young death,I'm on 20 days and have lost 40 lbs,my top number for bp was 170.On 3 types of blood pressure meds.Off all meds ,my high number is 140 ,The facillitys were cleaner than usa and safe .Drs and nurses at hospital seemed more qualified than usa.now... *

Best decision I made

Everything went great, hospital was nice staff was awesome! ... *

So glad

One month later, 30 pounds lighter. Just that much loss has made me feel so much better it's amazing. I know I will lose more, but if it stopped here it would be worth it. ... *

My journey

I got here a day early so I was lucky and had my sleeve done a day early. I feel great 1 day post op. Have a wonderful experience.the people I have meet are super friends for life. And staff was great.Thanks to everyone there.... *

6 Weeks Mark

Start weight when I signed up: 244

Highest weight before surgery: 247 (my average)

Pre-surgery weight at hospital: 231

Current weight: 205.6

Surgery day: April 3rd 2018

I want to say that there was misinformation. I was told since I was traveling alone I would be at the hospital the whole time... *

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