Best Decision Ever!

Having the gastric sleeve surgery was the best decision Ever! It's been 11 mos., & I have surpassed my goal weight. My cholesterol, blood pressure, & blood sugar levels are all significantly improved. I look & feel so much better!... *

Why didn't I do this sooner???

WHAT!?!? Are you crazy?!? That's what everyone said to me about going to Tijuana for the sleeve. Thank goodness I didn't listen to everyone's comments. The staff at both the hospital and hotel were absolutely amazing! Especially Alex at the hotel. I wanted to bring her home with me! You are with som... *


Highhest weight EVER in 2013, 374 LBS. Yo-Yo dieting on ketosis got down to 250, just to put 30 back on and end up back at 280 day of surgery...11 months out tomorrow and I'm a healthy & happy 168 LBS! JUST DO IT!... *

A new me

I lost 60 pounds and this surgery changed my life gave me confidence, I had social anxiety because of how insecure I felt about my appearance. I only shopped online. And now I enjoy going out. Trying on new clothes in the fitting rooms...... Of the department stores.. this was the best decision ... *

What a great experience!

I am very happy with my choice to both have the surgery and with going with Weight Loss Agents.

When I arrived at the airport and called the number given, I waited maybe 4 to 5 minutes. I was picked up by a nice gentleman and we headed right over the border to the hotel.

I lucked out the first nig... *

Best decision I made

I am so happy with my results!... *

A very good choice

I am 51 years of age and had reached the point in my life that my joints ached from all the weight I was carrying. My heaviest weight was 351 pounds. I have had 1 knee replaced. I made the decision to have the surgery after some friends told me about their success. I am a Deputy Sheriff and... *


The doctors and staff at the facility were absolutely amazing! I had a wonderful experience and NO trouble whatsoever. I would recommend them to everyone.

I have lost 82 pounds since my surgery and have had not trouble maintaining this new weight. I am thinner now than I was in high school, an... *

Journey from invisible me!

Most of my life I have been overweight and invisible to others. The men around me never noticed me or gave me a second look. In the shadows of life, I became invisible to my own self through the years. As my health declined, I allowed my bad eating habits to contribute to getting type 2 diabetes, hi... *

Best decision ever

I had my sleeve on 09/06/2017. I have lost 43 pounds and only 34 days out. I had no problems and I am enjoying life agai. I am excited about 6 months from now to see how much I have lost. The doctor , staff, hospital, and the nurses were great. The hospital was excellent and the accomadations at the... *


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