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Will I need my passport?
For traveling to one of our International providers, you'll typically need a valid passport to cross back into the USA border. If you do not have a passport, and you're a USA Citizen, you will not be denied entry back into the United States, but you may be subject to a fine. In our experience, this is nearly unheard of, but it's technically possible. If you do not have a passport or if it was lost during your trip or expired, we recommend obtaining another or producing at least your drivers license and birth certificate to assist in speedy re-entry to the USA.
How do I know which surgery I need?
We know that all the options may be confusing at first. You should discuss with your doctor which surgery to consider. To help learn the differences of the different weight loss surgeries, contact us. We can compare and contrast the different procedures for you, but we do not give medical advice.
Who will do my followups after I get home?
You should have a primary care physician, and/or specialists (depending on your personal medical situation) ready to assist you after you get home, for any followup care that you may need.
Will I have a drain bag after surgery?
If you're getting the gastric sleeve, you'll typically wear a drain bag for 2 days. If you're having a Lap-Band removed and the gastric sleeve performed at the same time (Lap Band Revision To Gastric Sleeve), expect to also have an NG tube for about 1 day following surgery in most cases.
Can the surgeon also do a gallbladder removal surgery while I am under anesthesia?
This is a popular choice to help prevent gallbladder issues later. Rapid weight loss is known to be a contributing factor to gallbladder problems, and weight loss surgery patients will usually experience rapid weight loss. Do your research and contact us anytime before your surgery to add this to your package.
Can the surgeon also fix my hernia at the same time while performing my weight loss surgery?
If you know that you have a hernia, it can usually be repaired by the provider for a small additional fee. Contact us to discuss this option and to add it to your surgical package.
I started my menstrual cycle, will this interfere with my surgery?
Your menstrual period typically will not interfere with your procedure. If any precautions need to be taken, you will be advised while doing your pre op tests.
I need a letter to help expedite my passport. Can you provide me with one?
Yes, absolutely. Just ask us to send you one and we will have it right over to you.
What is the fastest way to get a passport?
Please visit www.weightlossagents.com/passport and click the link to get started.
My airline requires a fitness to fly letter. Can you provide me with one?
Yes, absolutely. Just let us know and we'll prepare and send you an airline letter.
Do you offer financing or payment plans?
Yes, we offer financing (subject to credit approval). We work with several top medical loan banks. We also have an in-house payment plan option. You may simply log in to the patient portal to apply.
I want a particular surgery that I don't see listed on the site, what should I do?
We offer many more procedures than we can possibly list on our website. Please contact us and let us know what you're interested in. We will quote you a price and help you with every step of the process to make it a reality.
I need FMLA paperwork filled out to get time off of work, can you do that for me?
Please contact us and we will help you with your FMLA paperwork so that you may formally request your medical leave of absence from your employer. You may also request this very easily from within our patient portal.
I need a return to work letter for my employer, can you provide that to me?
You may request this from within the patient portal.
I need a return to school letter, can you provide that to me?
You may request this from within the patient portal.
I have a question that is not covered in the FAQ, what should I do?
Just contact us and let us know. We look forward to speaking with you!
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