Gastric Plication
The Gastric Plication is a surgical weight loss procedure. The procedure is performed by folding the stomach over itself, and anchoring the folds in place. The resulting stomach is much smaller, so the patient will feel full much sooner when eating. This procedure does not reduce production of the hunger hormone known as Ghrelin, because the part of the stomach that creates this hormone is not removed from the body. That's the big difference between the Gastric Plication and the Gastric Sleeve, where the hormone production is usually reduced. Most patients and doctors favor the Gastric Sleeve due to this big difference.

Facilities in our network where you can get the Gastric Plication:
Baja Hospital in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Doctors in our network who offer the Gastric Plication:
Dr. Mario Almanza offers the gastric plication procedure for $4,499.

Dr. Galileo Villarreal will no longer perform the Gastric Plication procedure (not recommended any longer in recent publications), but he will perform a conversion from gastric plication to gastric sleeve and gastric plication to bypass.

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Gastric Plication Testimonials:


I was between 330 ibs and 340 ibs still living a pretty active life style but unable to lose the weight i needed to.This hospital and there drs were a god send for now down to 200 ibs looking great if i do say so operation went well fast and the recovery house is amazing.very bueat... *

life changing

This surgery completely changed my life just like Dr. Almanza said it would. I now weigh 180 down from 240. Other than a week of unexplained hiccups after the surgery i am very pleased.... *

what a deal

Im truly happy I did this Surgery. It has changed how I eat, the signals I now get to remind me to eat and changed the signals I get to stop eating. Ive lost over 25 lbs since the start of presurgery diet. Two weeks ago was my surgery . I am a lover of food! It has been my biggest battle! Right now... *


I love having done the VGS! Should of done it years ago. I have lost 80 pounds in a year.
I have not gained any back,now I am working out.
My visit to Mexico was amazing! I went all by myself and felt perfectly safe. The hospital
smelled so clean. Which by the way you don't smell here in the United ... *

Lifestyle Change Made Easy

The Staff and physicians at Jerusalem Hospital and clinic are extremely knowledgable and professional. Their system is efficient from the time they pick you up at the airport until they take you back across the border to go home. They take time to make sure your spouse is safe and cared for.
Everyon... *

Puffy to Chubby to Fat to Thin!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Jerusalem Hospital.

I had been over weight to some degree my entire life. When I was a child I was just a little "puffy," About 5 lbs of extra weight. The problem was I was a ballet dancer and that 5 lbs mise well have been 100 lbs. Our family was healthy eaters, but we ate large portions and consumed desserts and s... *


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