Dr. Yakov Bereznitskiy
    Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
    Doctor of the highest category in surgery, oncology and health organization

    The main specialization of Professor Bereznitsky is the surgical treatment of diseases of the abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space.
    His scientific and practical activity is connected with surgical gastroenterology, endoscopic
    surgery, as well as with the problems of prevention and treatment of postoperative

    Head of the modern surgery Clinic "Garvis"

    Surgical directions:
    Laparoscopic and open abdominal surgery, bariatric surgery, phlebology, hernia surgery.

    Surgical experience since 1973, in the Clinic "Garvis" has been working since 1997.
    In total, he had more than 9,000 operations, over 200 bariatrics, and experience of monitoring
    bariatric patients for more than 9 years.

    Ranks and membership in public organizations:
    - Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine.
    - Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.
    - Chairman of the Board of the Association of Surgeons of Dnepropetrovsk Region
    - Member of the Board of the Association of Surgeons of Ukraine, European Association
    of Endoscopic, Bariatric Surgery.
    - Chief Surgeon of the Department of Health of Dnepropetrovsk Regional State
    -Member of the International Federation of Surgery for OBESITY AND METABOLIC
    DISORDERS (IFSO) https://www.ifso.com/jacov-bereznyts-kyy-3041/

    Other information:
    He passed an internship in Germany, Israel, Canada, participated in European and international congresses.

    Author of 380 scientific works, 22 monographs, textbooks, manuals and handbooks for practical doctors.

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