Dr. Galileo Villarreal
    Professional License: 452105 Speciality licence: 620

    Universidad autónoma de Nuevo Leon 1997 - 2003

    Unidad Medica de Alta Especialidad UMAE #25 (IMSS) Monterrey Nuevo León,Mex, 2005 - 2009.
    Hospital Angeles Tijuana Mexico, 2009 - 2010, Advanced Laparoscopy and Obesity Surgery.

    Fellowship trained in Tijuana, Baja California at Hospital Angeles with Dr Lopez Corvala 2009 - 2010.
    Specialty trained in Advanced Laparoscopy, Obesity Surgery.
    Endorsed by Mexican College of Metabólic Diseases and Obesity Surgery (CMCOEM) and Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery (AMCE).
    Allergan - Inamed Fellowship Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap Band) 2009. (Colegio Mexicano de Cirugía de Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabólicas CMCOEM)
    Fellowship in Gastric Sleeve Johnson & Johnson 2010. ( CMCOEM, AMCE).
    Fellowship in Gastric Plication 2013 (CMCOEM).


    Certificaron Course in Advanced Laparoscopy 2009 - 2010 Including Gastrointestinal, General and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery.

    Has performed more than 2000 laparoscopic procedures overall; over 100 Gastric Bypass, over 200 Gastric Sleeve, over 700 Lap Bands, and over 50 Revisions.

    Academic Experience:
    Professor of General Surgery in the residency program of General Hospital #11(IMSS) Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas Mexico, from 2010 to date.
    Attached Professor of General Surgery in Hospital ISSSTE, Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas.
    Staff Surgeon in Hospital Mexico Americano (Part of Methodist Organization), Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas , Mexico.
    Staff Surgeon in Hospital de Especialidades Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

    Overall my experience with Dr Gallileo was very positive

    Overall my experience with Dr Gallileo was very positive, however I feel there is something that should be mentioned. After the barium leak test I was in pretty bad pain. I was told to swallow the whole 4 ozs that was in the glass and I did. That was stupid.

    For the rest of the day I was in pain an... *

    Treated Like A King

    The service and professionalism extended to my father and I during our gastric sleeve operation process by both WLA and Dr. Villarreal was behind compare. It was almost too easy, to be honest. We were treated like kings during our visit. The hardest part was the drive back to the US in the duration ... *

    Great Job!

    Guys I am 63 my son is 38 we did a 2fer two weeks ago. drove from Georgia to Laredo picked up by Carla (wonderful). We were taken to the hospital for test and then onto the hotel (OK). Cory weighed in at 502 (BMI 63) I weighed in at 304 (BMI 34). Everything from the start to the day we left was exce... *

    My Experince

    Hello all well I had my surgery on 6/5/17 and since ive been back home ive had sooo many ask how it was and if I would
    do it again? Well my answer is yes I would the hospital the staff the dr. were soooo good, caring, and the hospital was very clean and sanitized... Everyone made u feel at home and... *

    Dr Galileo

    Wonderful surgeon and a great person.I would r
    ecommend him to any one. THANKS JEANNE. MCC.... *

    Amazing Expereince

    I am from NC. I wanted to find a surgeon to do my re-sleeve after gaining 30 pounds of the original 164 pounds I lost in my original sleeve in 2011. I found weight loss systems during a google search and so glad that I did. They made certain I had everything I needed from finding the right Docto... *

    SO much easier than I thought it would be

    It has only been a little over two weeks since my procedure. I averaged about a pound and a half of weight loss per day for 4 or 5 days and then it slowed down to maybe a pound to a little less than a pound per day since. It is a bid difficult to get a good reading since I drink tons of water now. H... *

    Thank you

    Dr. Villarreal and staff were absolutely amazing my surgery went well I'm feeling great the hospital is extremely clean and overall was a very very very smooth procedure. The nurses were great and the doctor made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Villarreal for this procedure... *

    Incredible Experience!!!

    I'm not gonna lie I was skeptical at first however that quickly changed. Everyone was so nice and professional throughout the whole experience. Dr. Villarreal and his staff especially Karen were so nice and helpful it astounded me. I would so recommended this team in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to anybody.... *

    Great Experience

    My whole experience was great. My surgeon, Dr. Villarreal was amazing and so was his nurse Karen. The hospital and staff was great. Would definitely do it again.... *


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