The Gastric Sleeve gerny

The Gastric Sleeve surgery was the best thing I could have done, because of my health and because the way I'm currently looking. I was 225 pound and in less then a month I have lost 32pounds, it not easy but in the long run is worth it. which I really like the most was the weightlossagents people ... *

Life saving event

After injuring my tailbone I started gaining lots of weight. I could no longer exercise and I topped out at 276 lbs when my doctor warned me that I would be bed bound because I could no longer sit easily. I decided to get a gastric sleeve to help lose weight. I have lost 76 lbs so far and should ... *

Better than ever!

The last time I did my testimony, was about 6 months ago. I have lost more inches on my body, I have finally stabilized my eating habits and I feel like a new person. I have no regrets; my life has changed in so many ways. I am at 145lbs and I keep getting smaller every day. I am so thankful for thi... *

Best decision I ever made

From the day I reached out to WLA my life changed for the better I'm one (1) month out and I'm happy with my results. My start weight was 186 lbs at 5' 2" after my liquid diet I lost 11 lbs in 9 days so the day I had surgery I weighed 175. I haven't weighed myself after surgery but I can see a diffe... *

Best decision ever

The clinic was spotless! Cleaner than any hospital I've ever been in and that's saying a lot since I'm a nurse. The surgery went well. With the exception of one nurse the other staff was outstanding and so helpful! I did not receive any discharge instructions or meds so I went to see my family dr up... *

Happily Shrinking!!!! :D

I was 304lbs in March of 2018 just before my surgery. Now I am at 234lbs.

My Doctor has taken me off of Losartin, hydrochlorothiazide, and Metformin.

No more prescription medicines. Blood Pressure now 120/80 without meds.

My old shirt size was 5XL. My new shirt size: XL. I feel sooo much bette... *

Great experience

HW: 345lbs
CW: 310lbs
GW: As close to 200lbs as possible
Recently had the stitches removed on Monday morning by my primary physician. I'm steadily loosing weight, I generally walk 2 miles per day and starting this week I've incorporated weight training as well. I feel great I'm currently on stage 3 ... *

I had the gastric sleeve surgery

Hi my name is ann 49 years old I have been so busy since my surgery I had surgery on December 5 and then right after surgery on December 7 I left the facility with With the driver and he took me to the airport in San Diego where my rental car was waiting then drove to Los Angeles la and d... *


I was extremely nervous about having gastric sleeve surgery and even more nervous having it out of the U.S. The doctors and nursing staff were very reassuring and the hospital was very clean. I am 3 weeks out today and I am doing very well and back at work. It is very important to follow the preop a... *

What an amazing experience!!

After several months of going back and forth on the decision to do weight loss surgery, I contacted Weight Loss Agents and asked several questions. I was impressed with their level of knowledge and professionalism.

I scheduled my surgery for December 5, 2018. The process was smooth and flawless... *

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