Happy and Healthy

While 2020 was a bad year in other ways, it was wonderful for my health. I had time to focus on my eating and exercise. I started the year 103 pounds heavier. I could not have done this without the sleeve. The food part of losing weight has always been the hardest for me. It is so hard to continue t... *

For ever thankful.

First I want to tank the waightloss agent for making my wish possible and for making every effort so every thing turns out excellent and for that I'm for ever grateful. My experiences with the Baja Hospital and health staff was absolutely fantastic, I had my surgery with the best surgeon in the... *

My Sleeve experience

I had the sleeve done on November 20th I was scared to the point I had people lined up to look after my two grown boys to make sure they wouldn't need anything that I couldn't help them with if I was dead but it wasn't bad the doctor and nurses was great I have lost 50pounds in a little over a month... *

Awesome and best thing I ever did

The surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dr Almanza was an amazing doctor and took very good care of me I am down 66 lbs since August and feel amazing!!! ... *

Best decision

It has officially been 7 months since my surgery and I am screaming that I've lost 100 lbs! Ask me if I'd "do it again" and I'll tell you yes a thousand times. The best decision of my life. If your thinking about it do it! You won't regret anything ... *

I can't regret to have done the surgery

Today i mark 1 month since i had my surgery and i can't regret it . Am down 25pounds and am looking forward on loosing more weight.
My Dr. Was doctor Alimanza, he's incredible, nurses were very supportive and loving , the facility was very clean. I did gastric bypass and gall bladder removal but ... *

Life changing

In 2019 I worked for 6 months with my insurance to obtain authorization for weight lose surgery. I was approved in December for the surgery and then lost my insurance January 1st. I was feeling lost and defeated, however a family member referred me to Dr. Almazana. I schedule my surgery for as soon ... *

Loving the changes already!!

Big thanks to Dr. Almanza and team including WLA. The process has been seamless. I've lost 18 lbs on my 1st month and went from a size 14 in pants to a 10. No more swollen feet and exhaustion when walking. Looking forward to more changes in the upcoming months!... *

Wish I had done it sooner!

For years I tried diets and fads that left me only disappointed. I thought I had it in me to lose weight on my own. Finally I realized that I needed help. A friend had already gone to see Dr. Almanza and had great success. It was with his success that I realized I needed help.

So I started th... *

A wonderful experience

if you're considering getting weight loss surgery in Mexico Dr. Diaz is the doctor for you the office and staff are simply amazing they made me feel 100% comfortable during the process of my surgery the hospital was very clean and professional the doctor took the time and explained everything that I... *

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