Mi experiencia, mi expectativa

Puse expectativa por que estaba acostumbrada que es los lugares médicos te traten como un paciente, pero en este lugar me trataron como en casa, con mucha paciencia,cariño y respeto en realidad estoy muy feliz de haber tomado esta decisión no solamente por que empeze a cambiar mi vida , pero est... *

Ups and downs...

There are a lot of things that you have to do differently and get use to once the surgery is done. Your relationship with food has to change, which is needed. My fear is that I'll regain the weight, but I get on the scale every morning and I am keeping a closer eye on my weight and my food choices. ... *

Wonderful Experience

I was skeptical, although I knew many people before me who had successful gastric sleeve surgery by Dr. Almanza. When I had my surgery, I was impressed by the facility...very clean, the staff very professional,pre opt testing ,the surgery, everything start to finish ...wonderful,the post care thoro... *

The unexpected

First let me start off by saying I am dropping the pounds and feel great. My experience going to Mexico for this surgery was a bit scary though. I had questions before and after my surgery but the communication barer made it hard for each of us to understand each other. I was in a lot of pain after ... *


I had a very good experience. I did my research and asked questions. There was a big scandal about the hospital and the doctor, but with professionalism they answered all my questions and sent me proof of CDC info. I felt reassured. It was quick. First night was horrible for me because of the anesth... *

So happy I did this.

I had a friend that went to Dr.mario Almanza and she had a Daughter that went before her.So seeing both their results I had to go.From the time we got to San Diego we were taken care of my husband went with me, we we're supposed to be picked up at 7:00 but being the last pickup of the day they calle... *

Would do it again in a heartbeat

I was very nervous about the procedure but after getting there I felt so much better the staff made me feel so much better they treated not as a patient but as family not one time did I feel uncomfortable they was the best... *

What I was vs What I am

What I was Feb 2018:
*Extremely overweight
*Size 20W
*Knee,feet,hip,back pain
*High blood pressure
*Border line incontinent
*Could not walk w/o pain and losing breath
*Had diabetes in near future
*On fast track to being disabled
*Embarrassed of appearance

What I am Feb 2019:
*110 lbs lighter !!... *

Feliz con mi bariatrica

La mejor decisi n que pude a ver tomado en mi vida con el mejor DR Almanzar... muy feliz con los resultados... *

If you don't believe it...LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those fat disgusting pics of me were taken in December 2017, 2 days before my surgery. The NEW ME pics is December 2018. Was a size 52, 355 pds and now I'm a size 34, 188 pds and without one day of exercise! OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
... *

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