Dr. Almanza Rocks!!!

Wonderful care, wonderful results. Due to scar tissue around the old lap band had some complications, and they were handled in a superior manner. As a practitioner, experienced with surgical patients many years, including working on the Bariatric surgery unit in a large Florida hospital, I can hon... *

The Monday that will change my life!

First of all I cannot express in any amount of words how awsome the staff of Jerusalem Hopital are. And especially Dr. Almanza, this young man has the most energetic and dynamic personalitys I have experienced in my life. I had the Lap-Band surgery and was the last of our group to have surgery, arou... *

surgery experience

To all, in my opinion this was the best thing i could have done for myself at the time & current state I was in. I would do it again if i ever found myself in such a dire situation again. All of the staff were very helpful and considerate.

The only downside is the waiting for hours with several... *

My second chance at life!!!!

I had surgery a couple months ago and I still can't believe I had it done. It’s truly been the best thing that I’ve ever done i my life, it has given me my life back. I was never an obese person but after I turned 20 I really started to see the lbs add up and my life went out of control. i use t... *

Lifestyle Change Made Easy

The Staff and physicians at Jerusalem Hospital and clinic are extremely knowledgable and professional. Their system is efficient from the time they pick you up at the airport until they take you back across the border to go home. They take time to make sure your spouse is safe and cared for.
Everyon... *

The difference in how I feel in before and after surgery is like night and day-100% better

First all of your staff were just great. They made me feel very as ease and my husband as well. The doctor as well as the vice president introduced themselves to me and let me know what to expect from the surgery. I had heard great things about your hospital before hand from a paient who had already... *


After handing over my money and signing a form, each person gets blood taken. Then you go to another room, strip down and wait for the nurse to start your IV. Then the elderly ekg doc comes in and checks your heart with stethoscope. Then Dr. Almanza comes to explain his procedure. Your then taken to... *


The overall experience surpassed all of my expectations & words cannot express my gratitude for the doctors, staff members & everyone that went thru the experience with me.... *

should have done it years ago

I am so glad that I had the surgery done at your facilities, definitly I well recommend the procesure to people I know to be done only at your facilities, endless attention from all staff, looking forward for the next procesure after losing all the extra weights to do tummy tucks. I will take your... *

the best thing I have ever done for myself.

This has been the best experience I have ever had. I personally would recommend Dr. Almonza to anyone who asked. He is the best in his field. My experience was great. Some of the other girls had a little problem with the gas but for me I had and have not had and pain or problems whatsoever. I follo... *

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