Sucess at Last!

I had been heavy most of my adult life and have lost over 100 pounds 4 different times only to gain back more. I needed to use an electric scooter at Disney Land because of my weight and I was tired all the time. I didn't want to jump through all the hurdles that insurance makes you and wasn't even ... *

Beyond my Expectations!

I started my journey in May, 2012. I researched several Doctors and I chose Dr. Almanza over all Doctors including Doctors in USA. Even though I have health insurance with my employer that approved my surgery, I decided to pay out of packet and have my surgery with Dr. Almanza. Here is my story,... *

Switching from Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve

5 weeks ago I went down to Jerusalem Hospital to get the Lab Band surgery. After listening to other girls experiences (from 9 girls 5 already did the lap band and they were doing now the sleeve), they convinced me to switch for the Gastric Sleeve, and so far, I'm not regreating doing it.

The Gastri... *

Better Late than Never!

I am in my late 30s. I have been battling weight demons most of my life. I finally took the plunge in July and scheduled myself for the sleeve. Dr Almanza and his team were all very professional and friendly. They answered all of my questions and I felt at ease. I chose to do recovery at the ho... *


I was always the thin one growing up, always Miss Popular in school, Thin and not to brag I was pretty. I always took care of myself. Everything had to be THE BEST, and everything had to look GREAT.

After having children and raising them alone, between my Day Surgery management job, raising my chil... *

My Journey!!!

I have been over weight on and off my entire life! In 2001 I got pregnant with my daughter, her father and I ended up splitting up, which was a very difficult time for me being pregnant and alone! After I had my daughter in 2002, and gained a ton of weight during my pregnancy! For the first time I... *

Made my life so much better!

I was so unsure of where to go or what surgeon to use. I checked out Dr. Almanza and he has so much experience with the procedures that he does. My patient coordinator was amazing and so helpful. I had no problems getting my questions answered, sometimes in minutes. My surgery went amazingly well, I... *

The best decision I ever made!

I just want to say that I have struggled with my weight for over 35 years. Some diets worked for a little while, but after spending more on all my diets, exercise equipment and pills I decide that I needed a little extra help. I will have to admit that picking Dr. Almanza was an easy choice. I did ... *

Sleeve Experience

All I can say is that i am very happy i had the surgery with Dr Almanza. I was borderline and would not be approved thru insurance for surgery in US. I had struggled with weight up and down all my adult life. My weight was increasing and although i could lose weight i could not keep it off for a... *

Surgery in Mexico

Like many of you I did so much research reading every blog I could find. The weight loss agents were wonderful and gave us a name of a women that had the surgery six month before us. Not only were we able to speak with her we met her and had coffee ( me and a friend). It was a very informative cou... *

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