Positive Experience

I went to TJ for the sleeve/lap band removal.
The staff were stellar, courteous, kind and informative. I was extremely impressed with how comfortable they were trying to make my dotting husband during my recovery at the hospital.
The Dr.'s were very approachable, and also interactive. Not like her... *

Back in Stride Again

I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight since I was a
Child. When I had my second child at 38, it became even more
Difficult. I was unable to control portions and cravings. Since my surgery, I have
Lost 62 pounds. I was 236, I am now 174. I have found that satisfying
Protein requirem... *

A choice I am glad I made.

After an "interesting" ride to the clinic and my initial impression, I soon forgot about it when I experienced the professionalism of the entire staff. I met some wonderful fellow patients and really had a ball sharing stories. Once it was my turn for surgery I inquired about removing my gal bladde... *

Great experience for my new life.

I had the greatest experience at Jerusalem Hospital. The hospital was real clean and the staff were very nice. I had the greatest experience. I have already recommended them to some of my friends. I am 4 days post op and have lost 11 pounds. ... *

Very well taken care of

Dr Almanza's office called and asked if I would like to come in on the 6th to do pre-op so I could be first in the morning of the 7th. I did this. I was actually the second surgery the day. I was under quickly, and back out in recovery, where they took very good care of the 2 of us in the room.

I ... *

so glad prcedure is overthe oprocedure went llike clockwork

I had been talking to those that had sleeve before me he gave ne a blow by blow disribtion of bwhat had happen and made me fel at ease. I have lost over 20 lbs ater two weeks. Got 100 more to go. hopfuly diebeidies will go asway... *

My Journey Begins with an Incredible Experience...

Hello – My name is David York; I’m 43 years old and I’m from Houston, Texas. My surgery date was Friday, July 27 2012. I had the gastric sleeve procedure performed by Dr. Mario Almanza. It’s been 8 days since surgery and I’ve already lost 22 pounds in this short time - I’m ecstatic!
... *

My new life

Its only been 16 days and the weight is falling off me. I've lost 25 pounds since my journey started and I feel great. Thank you to all the personall at Jeruselum Hospital and a special thanks to Laurie who has been amazing through all of this!
Lisa Chimenti
Sleeved 7/20/2012... *


Surgery was a great experience. Mexico treated me just fine. I am 4 weeks post op and am proud to say I am down 33 pounds. Best decision I have made for my future.... *


It may seem dramatic to thank your bariatri surgeon for saving your life, but in my own case it is certainly warranted. When I chose Dr. Almanza, I had done my home work, was aware that he is highly regarded in this field, and in fact, has a distinguished reputation world-wide, ranking in the top 5... *

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