Changed my life......

I have only wonderful things to say about my surgery and my treatment. I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery for several reasons. I had Optic Nerve Edema prior to surgery. This was caused by pressure from my weight on my spinal column, causing optivc nerve edema with secondary headache and blurre... *

Exceeding expectations!!!

I had a sleeve done on 08/17/2012, and I couldn't ask for a better experience. I was a little reluctant about having my surgery in Tijuana, but after research on the Internet decided to go ahead and have it done. My family was very concerned about me going to Mexico, especially my daughter. She w... *

Better experience than in the states!

I want to take the time to write about my experience at Jerusalem Hospital because I am overwhelmed with gratitude at my second chance with weight loss surgery. I got the gastric bypass when I was 20, and did not follow most of the guidelines they set for successful results. I am now almost 35, and ... *

Best thing I ever did

The hospital was clean. My doctor was great. Probably the best experience I have ever had having surgery. Staff was wonderful. I don't know about the guest house because I stayed at the hotel. Which was so beautiful. It had been eight weeks and I have had no side effects and have lost 70 lbs so far.... *


The staff was so professional, understanding, the tone of their voices, so soothing.
The house of recovery ,i named "the house of pain", was beautiful and comfortable.

Strangers coming together comforting each other!!!

My upmost concersn was the border, the transaction was so smooth, with not one ... *

Treated like a queen in Mexico

I was nervous about going to Mexico for surgery but I knew it was the only way I could afford surgery. My Mom went with me and we were treated very well from the hospital to the guest house.
The first 36 hours after surgery are very uncomfortable. As long as you walk everyday the pain goes away ... *

Everything was wonderful

Like many of you I was skeptical about going to a foreign country to have my surgery, but let me assure you that I definitely made the right decision. Not only was I treated with the best of care by all the doctors, nurses and staff at Dr. Alamanza's facility but my group and I are all friends and r... *

A trip of trepidation

I went to Tijuana on a wing and a prayer. I was very scared of surgery in a foreign country and I was completely all by myself. The morning of surgery, I met a sweet girl named Jenna who was riding from my hotel to the Jet Blu airport terminal with me to also have gastric sleeve. She was very sweet ... *

don't be afraid

I wish I wouldent have waited so long to do this,,,, so much of my life wasted, fighting a war I couldent poSsibly win,, so after a year of reserch and reading and seminars,, and after being jerked around for almost a year by my insurance company. I started looking into paying for this myself... ... *

My Experience

Well, I was looking forward to doing this and i was also very nervous, once getting to San Diego i started to loosen up just a bit. Motel was fine and the crossed the border the next day and went to the Clinic (not Hospital), I say that cause did not want anyone to get the wrong idea and think it is... *

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