The Best Decision I've Ever Made!

Chosing Dr. Almanza for my gastric Sleeve procedure was an even better choice than I anticipated. After signing up I realized he's the leading bariatric surgeon in the world! I can say since the surgery I haven't had one regret! The hospital was nice and all the staff was very friendly and efficient... *

Best decision

The care I received from Dr. Almanza's team was outstanding makes the US look very bad.
I didn't have any complications. I felt safe the whole time. Everyone was helpful and cheerful and it seemed like they really enjoyed their jobs.
The recovery house was very comfortable, the people I got to kno... *


Hi so far I lost 20 pounds.... *

My experience was great!

I was amazed and impressed. My surgery was quick and painless. My recovery was amazing. I have lost 35 pounds to date and I am still losing. I am so grateful to the doctors and staff. Everyone was so kind and caring.

Hopefully I will return for a tummy tuck in the next year.... *


I would like to Thank the amazing Doctors and staff at Jerusalem Hospital It's been 7 months since my surgery and I feel like a new person. I am 54 years old and 5'5" I started out at 272 lbs. I had no life! The weight took it's toll both physically and emotionally. My Primary care Physician and... *

Made the right choice!

Let me start by saying that this adventure started because I was researching surgery for my husband; due to him being diabetic and having high blood pressure. My husband decided on the gastric sleeve and had surgery in FL in July 2011. His insurance did not cover it and he had to pull $16,900 out o... *

Best decision I have ever made!!!

I am so incredibly happy at almost 120 days after my surgery I have dropped 58.5 pounds, I feel so energized and healthy. I look healthy and happy and everyone who sees me now says they cannot believe the transformation.
I have had some heartburn, but other than that absolutely no other side effects... *

Without a doubt the best decision I could have made.

At 60 years of age being overweight with borderline diabetes, high blood pressure, lower back problems and a slew of other minor health issues including a much slowed down metabolism I realized something had to be done because it was all downhill from there.

Having researched the surgical options I... *

Getting the gastric sleeve was the best thing I ever did!!!!

After researching Dr. Almanza online, I felt confident that he would do a good job with my weight loss surgery and that I would be well taken care of by his staff.
All the good things I read about the level of care, expertise, efficiency and cleanliness of the hospital and recovery house staff wer... *

Life changing

Like most people I know I had to get this surgery to save my file. I'm trying to make the best of every situation and I believe the Hosipital in Mexico works with the same motto. ... *

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