Wonderful experience and everyone was so caring and nice.

I do believe that I made the right choice by going to the Jerusalem Hospital and with my dr there, Dr. Almanza. Sure I'm still a little sore, but gee I just had surgery. I have always been sore after all the other surgeries that I have had. If I hear of anyone that is thinking about going through... *

No regrets!

I had been struggling with my over-weight all my adult life after having 10 babies. I've tried every diet imaginable yet I could not escape the constant, extreme hunger I felt every day. I did not have insurance so did not see WLS (weight-loss surgery) as an option... until I read a $4,499 WLS int... *


Hi everyone, I'm 5 days post op now and feeling 200% better that i was the 1st 3 days. I had my surgery 6/22/12 with 2 other wonderful sleevers, the other 2 gals bounced back pretty quick, I on the other hand had a lot of nuasea and vomiting which is due to the gas pushing on my diaphram hitting a n... *

An experience

hello my name is Linda, I recently had my gastric sleeve and I feel better and better as each day goes by.looking smaller and smaller as well. The experience my husband and I had with this whole deal was a pleasant one, the staff do their humanly BEST to take care of each and EVERY patient and their... *

Sleeved for life

I had gastric sleeve done on 27/6/12 with Dr Almanza. My overall experience ? I think that Jerusalim Hospital has the most experienced and caring nurses , not to mention my surgeon Dr Almanza who is great and knows what he is doing. My recovery is going well except for gas pain which is usually reli... *

Doctor is The Best!

When I went I will have to ammitI was very apprehensive. But After meeting the doctor I felt 100 confident and his entire staff, he is he is a exceptionally talented doctor at what he does. The care in their recovery home was outstanding. I had mine done one week ago today, I have lost 16 pounds i... *

Great Experience would recommend it to any one

I arrived in San Diego on June the 9th and was a little scared about the whole procedure and about being all a lone in a foreign country. The next morning I met several other people who were there also to have the same surgery as I was. We introduced ourselves to each other and told each other why... *

Wonderful Experience!

I was so skeptical at first, especially sending thousands of dollars across the internet to a company that I had never really heard of or met before. I did a lot of research and found that the same patient coordinators handle about 6 different websites so this scared me even more. My friends and fam... *

My wonderful experience south of the border!!

We arrived at Jet Blue and waied for the van about 1/2 hour early...didn't want to miss it!!! Right now I want to say that my ex took me down and he is a doctor. Upon arriving at Jerusalem Hospital finished up paper work and blood was drawn by Lupita who is an excellent nurse. She didnt have any ... *

Lets do it again!

P h e n o m e n a l!!!!! The staff was awesome, the care was great! If i could do this all over again i would!!! Looking foward to coming back a year later for a mommy makeover!!!!! i totally recomend this hospital to everyone!!!!... *

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