I love it

I had a lap band put in in May 2012, and I starting having trouble in 2013. After not being able to get any support from the Clinic that put my Lap band in. I started researching to have the revision to the sleeve.
I have been finding out a lot about Dr. Almanza. So I scheduled to have my revision d... *

Don't put it off!

If you are thinking about having the gastric sleeve procedure and are having reservations of doing so, I can tell you that my experience was great. From the moment I signed up, the communication and compassion of everyone involved was fantastic. They are very organized and helpful. I felt great th... *

Life Changing Experience

I would just like to start by saying this has been tough but with the help of my son we have made it through it. We both had the surgery and are on our way to losing the weight we need to lose as of today June 6 2014 we have both lost about 50 lbs each. The hardest part is adjusting the amount o... *


First I want to thank Dr. Almanza & his wonderful team for the care I received in Mexico. I can tell you I found the facilities to be cleaner than US hospitals. The weight loss agents held my hand thru the whole journey. It is exactly how they tell you it will be. I could never have afforded to have... *

long journey

I have lost a 145 lbs. over 2 years. the largest initial weight came off very quickly.. Diabetes gone in 2 weeks. cholesterol, blood pressure normal, with the lower blood pressure number usually little too low..i have more energy.. there are two observations I need to make; you really need to have f... *

Best thing I ever did!

Its been about 7 months and I have lost a total of 65 lbs. I feel and look terrific! I still have about 45 lbs to lose, however I'm in no big rush. I seem to be losing about 4 to 6 lbs a month right now but that is still without exercise. I just moved and feel that I am ready for some serious walkin... *

Thanks to Dr. Almanza I have my life back thaaaaaanks!!!!

I want to start saying that everything the wightlossagents told me on the phone was 100%+ true. I went by mayself to San Diego and the picked me up at Zone F right on like they said then to Tijuana Mexico in 45 minutes and I shared a room with a lovely Lady that also had the vertical sleeve gastrect... *


I would totally recommend Weight loss agents. Very well organized and friendly staff. Everything ran smoothly from being picked up at the airport, taken for blood test, ECG,surgery and the leak test they were alway on time. Hospital was clean and the medical staff was very professional and friend... *


I heard about this from my brother. I knew he'd undergone the procedure about three years before I asked him about it and wanted to see what his experience would be like. By the time I actually asked him was after I'd seen that he lost weight seemingly effortlessly, looked great with lots of energy,... *

Life change

It's been over two and a half years since my procedure and I feel great !! I went from 260 pounds to 140 pounds. Since the last year and a half, I've maintained 140 pounds without any effort.My type 2 diabetes has vanished!My high blood pressure is gone! My collesteral levels are normal! Our family ... *

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