very good :)

i had the procedure done just 1 year ago and i was 417 lbs now im 200 lbs :).It was the best thing i have ever dune i was a little bit afrade at first with givin my money to sum 1 in a dif country but that was the only thing that I had a problem with but after getting over that I never not once had ... *

Dr Almanza saved my life!!

My name is Larry Thomlison. I didn't make it to Christmas in 2012. I was in the hospital getting a Pacemaker put in. Works great. I love it. I should have died, decided not to. The truth be known I dodged several bullets in 2012.

I weighed 371.3 pounds. I had just returned from Mexico in October... *

Loving the lighter me!!!

I know my journey has just started, but I love getting up each morning and feeling a little lighter. I have a ways to go still, but I really do wish I would have done this sooner. I'm 51 years old and feel like I lost all those years with being Plus sized. (Most my Life) I know people say "it's what... *

life changing

I walked in with 168 pounds. Today I weigh 112 pounds.
I am 4'11 and look 20 years younger.
Very kappy with ny new look and healthier than ever.... *

72 and counting down!

Its been life changing! I 'm now not obsessing about my weight 24/7!I was before I had the surgery. I was thinking about food all the time and wanting food all the time. Now I am not. I use to hate to shop because it was hard to find clothes that fit me. Now I like to shop, its a lot easier to find ... *

feeling great

wonderful experience!!! have lost 93 pounds feeling great. Everyone at the clinic was very professional and I would highly recomend this procedure to anyone tired of the yo yo dieting.

... *

Long way home!!

The surgery part was great!! Getting home in one piece was not. After I drank the X-ray potion, I was soooo sick that I heaved and retched all the way to Calgary, Alberta and all that night. I was taken by ambulance to the Foothills Hospital where I lost consciousness and had to have my heart cor... *

I'm a new man!

I have tried every diet imaginable....and yes, I lost weight, but as soon as I went back to eating with the family, I gained it back and more. I had a gastric sleeve preformed on me by Dr. Almanza on Nov. 1st , 2013. I have now lost 77 pounds and am still losing 1 or 2 pounds a week. I eat what I... *

Fantastic !

I just would like to let everyone know, This has been the most wonderful experience,! I have lost 46 lbs since my surgery. 3 months ago. I feel so much better about myself and getting to wear smaller clothes I find myself posing in front of mirrors and my wife! She actually chases me now! I recomme... *

Saved my life

My name is Nancy, I came to have a sleeve done in July 2013. Best thing I've ever done. In fact I wish I would of done this years ago. I don't have to check to see if I can fit in chairs before I go into places. I walk much better. I can still eat anything I want, just much smaller portions. I'm so ... *

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