My experience with Lapban in Mexico *
  • Name: Misty J.
  • Age: 37
  • Surgery: Lap Band
  • Surgery date: June 16th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: August 1st, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I was once the person looking through all the testimonials and looking at the pictures and wondering should I or shouldn't I do this. I had a wonderful experience in Mexico. I had the Lap-Band procedure done by Dr. Almanza. They are very professional and even with the language barrier most of them can understand and speak English and were very helpful with any questions I had and putting my mind at ease. I flew into San Diego Airport early in the morning on the 15th of June and from there was picked up with a couple of other people and was driven to the hotel directly. We were met by the nurses that stay at the hotel 24 hours a day and was given my liquid diet bag and told to enjoy the sights for the rest of the day as the van was going to pick us up early in the morning to take us to the hospital for the procedure. There was a lot of people getting the operation done that day and I think pretty much everyone was having the sleeve done I was the only one with lap band. But in doing so I was able to fly in the day before ,have the surgery on the 16th and caught a plane the next morning on the 17th and headed home. After the surgery there was some slight pain but they were pretty quick to give me some pain meds in my IV and then I was up and walking the halls for a couple of hours before I was released to go back to the hotel to recover. They had nurses that were there that kept checking on me and changing my bandages and making sure I had everything I needed. My recovery took a couple of weeks but it got better day by day. I never got an infection at any time during my recovery. And now I have four small incision scars that I'm hoping will go away soon and look better day by day. Since June 16th of this year till today August 1st I have lost a total of 15 inches and 30 lbs already! This is wonderful as I knew the lapban would be a slower process and weight loss than the sleeve would have been but after reading about both surgeries I felt the lapban was best for me and my lifestyle versus the sleeve. But it's a personal choice as long as you do your research and make sure you get the right one I think you'll be very happy. I would definitely recommend Dr.Almonza to anyone wanting to do this surgery. I know Mexico gets a bad rap for doing surgeries there but the hospital was very professional very clean and probably as good if not better than some hospitals I've seen here in the states. And you cannot beat the price for the wonderful outcome. I checked around here in the cities nearest me and their price was three to four times what I paid for in Mexico for the same surgery. It's a Wonderful Life change and I know I can still eat food that I enjoy and I have throughout the whole time that's probably why my weight loss is so slow but I still enjoy my food just very small portions of it and I have not gained anything even if I did not follow my diet strictly like I should. It has helped me to learn portions and eat sensibly and to learn to slow down and chew my food instead of gulping it down. I'm loving the new changes I see with my body and with my health and I'm getting that energy back that I haven't had for years. My advice would be don't wait years procrastinating or let other people tell you don't do it because it's Mexico. I had some people in my family that thought I was crazy for wanting to do this in Mexico and trying to come up with horror stories they had heard but I assured them I had done my research I had read many many testimonies and there was no way I can afford this in the US. I don't regret my decision for 1 minute! I'd also like to add I've done this testimonial without any coercion I'm using my own words and my own experience and I'm getting nothing for doing this. Don't wait another day, if everything else in your life has failed to help you lose weight and I would definitely recommend giving this a try!
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