overjoyed and feeling wonderful.

The gastric sleeve was the best thing i could have done for myself. i wish i would have done it sooner than at age 59. I am 10 days & -16# post op and feel wonderful. i will get the stitches out tomorrow..but other than that i feel perfectly fine. Dr. Almanza and staff were professional and profecie... *

Thank you so much Dr. Almonza you are the best , I lost 30 pounds in 4 weeks :)

I'm French Canadian and I did my sleeve on 09 Dez 2013 with dr. Almonza , every thing was great .Dr. Almonza is the best , today is January 13 , 2014 and I already lost 30 pounds , thank you very much dr Almonza , I love you :) xxx god bless you !
... *

Sleeved And Loving It

I was very nervous about the surgery mainly because I was traveling alone. But I was pleasantly surprised. I met patients at the airport who were heading back home after Surgery and they all seemed to be moving about well. When I got to Jerusalem hospital although it wasn't what I expected as far as... *

Exceptional, professional and all around great medical care

After doing the research. I found out that not only was it less expensive, but just a safe to have gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico as it was in the United States. Dr Almanza and the medical team were very professional. And I felt that I was in good hands the whole time. Two of my friends have gone ... *

Life Changing!

I had my surgery on Jan 3rd.. got home the 6th.. and i'm back at work on the 8th. The staff, hospital, ans hotel was a wonderful experience. Will the help of my new found friends (Meryell, Victoria, Jacci, Connie,etc.) i made it through the tough parts. I highly recommend anybody wanting to to do th... *

Highly recommended!

My best friend and I went to Mexico for the gastric sleeve surgery on November 14th (Thursday). I was back at work the following Tuesday no problem. It is now January 3rd, less than 2months since surgery and I am down 42 pds and my friend is down 46 pds. I have 20 pads to go to reach my goal weigh... *

The new me

I have done a gastric sleeve and this was the greatest step I have ever taken in my life within a year I have lost 120 pounds, I have a new position in job I have been promoted to Guest Relations Manager, I have gotten married, I am 100% healthier and I am looking stunning everyone is amazed at how ... *

it works

I being a very independent lady, had a bright idea to go down to tijuana all by myself. I listened to as many reviews as I could get my hands on. i was told by all my friends and family that going to Mexico all alone was a horrible mistake. Ha ha ha I showed them. When I arrived in San Diego I rece... *

The new me

The best thing I have ever done in my life was change my life. The before and after tells the story. I was never afraid never worried no complications no problem 100lbs gone in less than a year thanks Dr Almanza. If u were thinking to do the surgery stop thinking if ur before pix looked like mine ... *

This works!!

Best decision ever!!!!... *

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