One of the best decisions I have ever made

I struggled with obesity all of my adult life, I tried every diet and physical fitness program but they would only last for so long. I would lose 20-30lbs but would put it back on eventually plus more. I knew that I needed something I didn't have control over, and because of medical reasons I knew ... *

Ready, Set, Go!

My decision to have the gastric sleeve done at the Jerusalem Hospital by Dr. Almanza has been the right decision for me and one that took a huge amount of dedication and thought.
I researched, read, watched, and talked to as many people and sources (including my medical practitioner in all steps) s... *

New and Improved

Thank you all so much! I lost 8 lbs so far and this is happiest I have been in over a year! I call my myself "new and improved!" Thank you WeightLossAgents!

Sharon A. - Maryland... *

The Change of Life

We were all treated like VIPS from the moment we arrived. The hospital and hotel staff are very professional. Not to mention all the facilities are spotless. Some of us had some minor post-op issues, but are right there to get you what you need. This is my second surgery performed in Mexico with gre... *

it was a wonderful experience

I want to take this time to thank you for your hospitality it was a wonderful experience. Also to date I have lost 32 pounds. That in itself makes it all worth it. Thank you.... *


I was amazed at how efficient and helpful the staff were at Jerusalem Hospital. My surgery went off without a hitch. Since my surgery, I have lost 50 lbs. It is slower to come off with the lap band but my theory is that I didn't gain it overnight.
I like the idea that I can control how much or h... *

Best thing I ever did!

Are you considering the sleeve? Just do it! I made the decision to take this leap, when my daughter lost 110 pounds with a sleeve. It changed her life. I thought it was time to make that change too. I was very nervous to go to Mexico, but it was handled professionally and with every convenience... *

Life GIVING choice!!

My name is Larin and I'm 31 years old. I have struggled all my life with weight and PCOS!! I unfortunately spent my entire 20s overweight and very unhealthy. I had my 30th bday and I decided that enough is enough. I looked into this surgery and decided that was the best, healthiest and safest surg... *

The Surgery was a life saver

The Surgery was a life saver. Easy recovery, friendly staff and very happy!... *


I lost 70 lbs within the first 9 months and have been stable even though my eating hasn't been the best choices since then. I have had no problems from the surgery and feel grateful that I took the initiative to have the surgery. Wish I could have had it 20 yrs ago. I would like to lose another 2... *

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