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  • Name: Kaylee MCMahon
  • Age: 28
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: December 16th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: January 17th, 2018
  • Surgeon: Dr. Felipe Cantu
Office took great care of me. got me a hotel roommate a very nice clean place in mcallen. the doctors speak perfect English which helps to make you comfortable.

You go through a nutritional evaluation, a psychological evaluation, blood testing, egg to check your heart health and much more before they agree that they will operate. its obvious they have your longterm success and health front-of-mind.

Doctor Felipe has THE best bedside manner I have experienced even in the USA.
Sulima his outpatient nurse for right after recovery is very gentile and is a very compassionate caregiver. she even helped me by using google translate to talk to me about getting up to walk, using the restroom and other things important to my health.
my second nurse (did not catch her name)scared me a bit as she injected the saline (I believe it was to keep my drip connection from clotting ) into my drip via the hand vein port burst my capillary, or venule in my hand it hurt, and I had to ask for another doctor to come into communicate more than ALTO for stop. Her attitude about the matter was apparent irregardless of the language barrier, she explained to the doctor "she had to do what she had to do". This does need to be done, but at a slower rate for those of us with small veins.with my coaching and learning some new words on my google translate I was able to have no more incidents moving further.

I had NO vomiting due to telling anesthesiologist I vomit easily with pain meds (told was normal to expect) and NO clotting/blood spit up (again normal). they did a great job putting anti-nausea into my drip.

YOU HAVE TO WALK. YOUR MOUTH WILL BE DRY. YOU CANNOT EAT ANYTHING 4 DAYS PRIOR TO SURGERY (OR YOU WILL THROW UP CONSTANTLY AFTER). THE BIGGEST SHOCKER to me was the fact that as long as you follow the 5 day clear liquid diet (MUST USE THE PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS THEY RECOMMEND PLUS ISOPURE) you won't be hungry AT ALL. took until the second week to start feeling empty (due to stretch receptors). I am now 4 weeks out and in two weeks I will be able to eat solid foods, but testing them one at a time.


I am so over the moon excited that I did this. obesity runs in my family and I finally have something that helps me to eat smaller portions EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat. for good!

With doctor Cantu's FELLOWSHIP (huge distinction) and American training there were no other options I was comfortable with in comparison (interviewed 5 docs)

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