Changed my life...... *
  • Name: Jennifer Scarborough
  • Age: 40
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: October 6th, 2012
  • Testimonial date: August 27th, 2012
  • Surgeon: Dr Mario Almanza
I have only wonderful things to say about my surgery and my treatment. I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery for several reasons. I had Optic Nerve Edema prior to surgery. This was caused by pressure from my weight on my spinal column, causing optivc nerve edema with secondary headache and blurred vision. Since surgery, my vision has returned to normal and I have not had ONE headache. Amazing. Also, my husband and I have custody of our 20 mth old grand-daughter. Its not what I planned at 40 but I wouldn't change it for the world. I wanted to make sure I could do everything possible, emotionally and physically, to keep this child happy and help her grow into a wonderful and loved adult....being overweight makes those very difficult. My surgery was 6-10-2012 and I have since lost 52 pounds. What an amazing feat for someone who tried every diet and couldn't stick with it. I have no problems following the post-op instructions but I will say that you ABSOLUTELY need to be sure this is what you want. It is a life-changing surgery in more ways than you will ever know. Although, for me they have all been positive, you may not be prepared for that change - esp in your eating habits. Make sure you read everything carefully before proceeding.

My experience at hospital Jerusalem and at the recovery house was nothing short of wonderful. I don't remember anything about surgery. I remember laying down on the table and then waking up. I walked up the short flight of stairs and layed down in my recovery bed next to a new friend and roommate (Godsend) and fell asleep. There was only a small amout of discomfort from the gas but it was tolerable. Trying to drink for the next few days was a bit strange but it gets better every day. Everyone at the hospital and recovery house were very attentive and so nice. They would get anything you need and did everything possible to keep you comfortable. They are caring and gave pain meds like clock work. I was impressed with my treatment and would reccommend the surgery and the facility to anyone ready to proceed. Thanks guys for everything.
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