Gastric Bypass
The Gastric Bypass is a surgical weight loss procedure. The procedure is performed by modifying the gastric tract, which includes re-routing the intestines.

Doctors in our network who offer the Gastric Bypass: Dr. Mario Almanza offers the Gastric Bypass procedure for $4,999 as well as the Mini Gastric Bypass for $4,999 in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico at Grand View Hospital. There are some discount programs available with this provider as well, to help get the price a bit lower. Please inquire for details.

Dr. Galileo Villarreal offers the Gastric Bypass surgery starting at $6,799 as well as the Mini Gastric Bypass starting at $6,599 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico at Hospital de Especialidades. There is a discount program available with this provider as well, to help get the price a bit lower. Please inquire for details.

Philip Vanden Borre offers the Gastric Bypass surgery in Belgium, Europe for 85000€ Euro.

Dr. Felipe Cantu offers the Gastric Bypass surgery in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico for $9,899 as well as the Mini Gastric Bypass for $8,899 at Christus Muguerza Hospital.

Dr. Wiljon Beltre offers the Gastric Bypass surgery at The Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery near Orlando, Florida for $21,999.

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Gastric Bypass Testimonials:

Life Changer

After Struggling with my weight all of my life, I had heard from a family friend about bypass surgery. I did all the research that i could on the pre-op and post-op and then made my decision to do the gastric bypass. After having done it I wish that I would have done it years ago! I am currently 200... *

My journey

I had mixed feelings about doing this adventure alone. But the medical staff couldn't of been more kind, and helpful from the beginning right until the day I left. I was comfortable and well taken care of by all. The transportation to and from the places we went was excellent and the drivers were ki... *

Wonderful care

The staff made this surgery and life choice very smooth ... *

Happy with the results

I had the mini gastric bypass surgery January 2012. The staff were very kind and knowledgable. After the procedure I had minimal pain. I was able to get up and walk around the next morning. I chose to stay at the hotel which was very comfortable. The staff communicated and arranged all follow up vis... *

213 lost in 9 mths

I've lost 213 lbs going from 350 to 139 I feel amazing I have cured my diabeaties and gone from poor Heath to amazing health from a 56 inch waist to a 28 inch well 27 but I can't find pants that small lol who would have thought? the experience was a relearning how to live but well worth the adjustm... *

worth it!

Like many others I was cautious about going to Mexico for surgery but with much research I had to do it, and found nothing but great reviews and info on surgery at Hospital Jueruslam. We met at the airport in San Diego and met up with a large good of ladies with husbands, or friends, that were wait... *

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