Gastric Balloon
The Intragastric Balloon (or simply "Gastric Balloon") is a non-surgical weight loss device that's placed in your stomach. The balloon is designed to take up space in your stomach, so when you eat, you will get full faster, and this helps to prevent and discourage over-eating.

There are several companies who manufacture competing versions of the gastric balloon. We'll highlight those that the the providers in our network offer:
Apollo Endosurgery has the Orbera balloon. This balloon was released way back in 2004 by Allergan, but it only received FDA approval on August 5th, 2015. Apollo purchased the Lap Band and Orbera business units from their creator, Allergan, back in 2013 (before the balloon was FDA approved).

Spatz Medical created the Spatz3 adjustable balloon system. Although its been approved in over 20 countries, the FDA has not approved it yet. This balloon, however, is already recognized by ASMBS. The Spatz3 balloon offers the ability to adjust the balloon's volume to alleviate intolerance. This can help to prevent the need to remove the balloon early. Another interesting feature of this balloon is that a second wave of weight loss is possible if the patient returns for a procedure midterm to expand the balloon volume, a feature that's unique to the Spatz3 balloon.

Facilities in our network where you can get the balloon:
Green And Health Hospital in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Christus Muguerza Hospital in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Hospital De Especialidades in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Doctors in our network who offer the balloon:
Dr. Marcelo Hernandez offers these gastric balloon procedures:
Gastric Balloon (Orbera) (not including later removal) is $3,799.
Gastric Balloon Removal on its own is $1,299, and
Gastric Balloon (Orbera) (subsequent balloon, including removal of the previous balloon) is $2,799.
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Dr. Felipe Cantu offers these gastric balloon procedures:
Gastric Balloon (Orbera) (including later removal) is $3,899, and
Gastric Balloon (Spatz3) (including later removal) is $4,899.
When asked if he offers the Obalon brand balloon, Dr. Cantu stated: "I placed the Obalon from 2013 to 2016 with a very bad experience. The company disappeared after two mortalities in Guadalajara and Torreon.
I personally do not recommend the Obalon intragastric balloon due to a very low safety profile and very low weight loss success rate.
I recommend the FDA approved ORBERA and the adjustable SPATZ3."
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Dr. Jonas Villarreal offers the gastric balloon procedures:
Gastric Balloon (Orbera) (not including later removal) is $3,799, and
Gastric Balloon (Spatz3) (not including later removal) is $4,199.
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Gastric Balloon Testimonials:


I can honestly say, I have not been the weight of 200lbs for at least 13-14 years, since getting out of the military. The procedure was done with no complications. You may feel a bit queasy and stomach unstable a few days after. I also recommend taking it easy up to a week to get your strength back.... *

Better then expected

Of course I was a little nervous going to Mexico for this procedure but once I met Valery all that was gone. Everyone was so nice, Dr. Jonas was Awesome made me feel at ease, Very professional. The whole procedure was so easy and fast, I went home that same day with no problems what so ever. Dr. J... *

Not satisfied

I was very upset that I didn't get the sleeve. Drs wouldn't do it because of my pacemaker. Instead I got the balloon. I have lost 30 lbs. I should have lost more. I have had trouble I feel like I'm carrying a baby. It moves around just like a baby. And at times it's very uncomfortable. I'm a side sl... *

Worth it but scary

My weight loss was very quick & I was very happy with results. You should plan to take or have someone with you that speaks Spanish. I had trouble communicating after my surgery when I was very ill & developed a high fever. I was in the Hotel alone. Everything turned out fine but this is not for the... *

Gastric ballon

Very efficient and good quality of care.. ... *

Service beyond expectations

I am delighted to share with you my decision on having the Orbera balloon inserted and my experience at Dr. Felipe Cantu facility.

I have tried numerous diets and always ended up back at the beginning. Blood pressure out of control and weight continued to increase. I have been around a person that... *

Love it!!

The hospital and doctors were very clean and nice professional i've lost forty five pounds without struggling and would recommend it to anybody very safe place to go ... *

It works!

I had a good experience and have lost 15 pounds in the first month. I was relieved that there were many other patients waiting for the shuttle from the airport, which eased my mind. The doctor and nurses were all very nice. ... *

15 lbs in 2 weeks

I was originally supposed to go for that gastric sleeve but I changed my mind to go to the gastric balloon i feel great there was no side effects. In two weeks I lost 15 pounds 80 more pounds to go!!!!!... *


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