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I had previously had a gastric band in a top UK hospital , and over 7 years had a whole punctured while inflating plus 2 further operations to try and correct problems with little weight loss also I stretched my osphasgus and final had the band deflated which sums up how I felt, the little weight I had loss soon piled on again plus extra and so my journey to find a solution began , I enquired about having the band removed and the bypass in the UK but the cost was £13 ,000 or $19,000 which was out of my budget.i contacted the weight loss team and nothing was to much trouble and after giving my history we agreed that the sleeve was best for me,I have lost 30lb in 10 weeks which is a little less than I'd like but I'm half way where I wish to be , the hotel was amazing the staff are wonderful and I would unreservedly recommend this company.


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