Gastric Bypass Revision
As many are aware, the gastric bypass was a great procedure decades ago. It was one of a couple of options for surgical intervention for weight loss and was selected by many as their choice for surgery. As many gastric bypass patients quickly found out, the procedure was short-lasting and the initial benefits disappeared after a few years, give or take. If you have a gastric bypass, and are not getting the results you once had or expected, contact Weight Loss Agents today to find out about the revision procedures that are now available. We can help you with several surgical options that are now available to work with and around your existing gastric bypass. The surgeon can place a Lap Band over your gastric bypass, and the surgeon can also do a plication technique to the stretched stomach pouch to fold it and make it smaller. Both options will offer new restriction to the bypass and facilitate weight loss. Contact us today to learn more.

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Next available surgery date is: July 20, 2024
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